Forest Hills: A thriving, growing neighborhood


Alyssa Cabrera, Copy Editor

Forest Hills is becoming increasingly popular as more and more new families begin to move in. From the dozens of restaurant options to the stores, it’s not surprising how many people want to move there. Around 1910 Forest Hills got its name for its location on wooded heights. Forest Hills was also home to the West Side Tennis Club stadium from 1915 to 1978. It is now becoming more diverse, with restaurants that sell cuisine based off many different cultures. There are several utility shops that are also there to provide anything you want.

Mural representing famous band called “The Ramones” that originally formed in Forest Hills during 1974. They are known for their punk rock music that is currently available across platforms like Spotify and YouTube.
Another beautiful mural representing Forest Hills major part in being home to the West Side Tennis Club stadium. It held the United States Open from 1915 to 1920.
“The Irish Cottage Restaurant,” an Irish pub located in Forest Hills. It is a family runned business that sells traditional Irish food and drinks. They also claim to have a homey environment, while playing traditional Irish music.
“Gloria Pizza,” a local pizza shop located in Forest Hills that was established in 1960. The shop gives you a large variety of toppings to choose from. It even serves meals like salads in case you decide you don’t actually want pizza.
Another fast food restaurant, Shake Shack is available for people who want delicious meals in a short amount of time. There is even seating on both of the two floors in case you choose to stay to eat your meal.
“Cabana,” a Latino cuisine based restaurant that is located on Austin Street in Forest Hills. The restaurant currently has a 4 star rating, which makes sense due to the wide variety of food that you can order from their menu and the smiling faces of waiters that greet you as you walk in.
“Sakura Ya,” a Japanese store that sells a variety of Japanese products, ranging from candy to entire meals. The store adds to the diversity in the shops in Forest Hills by bringing a piece of Japan straight to the neighborhood.
Rove,” a bar and restaurant that sells multiple types of cuisine. It is mainly appreciated for it’s fairly low and reasonable prices. Currently, it has about 4 stars on many review sites.
“Austin Public” is a local restaurant and bar located on Austin Street that provides people with a variety of food and drink options. It currently has 4 stars on multiple websites and is also appreciated for it’s music that gets played on weekends.
“Reef,” a restaurant and bar that serves any type of seafood your heart desires. They even serve multiple types of drinks, all for you to choose from.
Also located on Austin Street is a gigantic “Buffalo Wild Wings” and “Duane Reade” that stays open 24/7. Both places are spacey and beneficial to citizens of Forest Hills.
“C Town Forest Hills Market” provides groceries for the citizens of Forest Hills. Although the prices are on the higher end, they claim most of the products are high quality.
“Martha’s Country Bakery” is a bakery on Austin Street beloved by all who enter it, no one beats their sweets! You can take your treats to go or even sit down in a small inner seating area.
“Cheese of the World” provides the citizens of Forest Hills with fresh meats and cheeses. It may be a small shop, but there is no doubt that it is useful or all of your dairy needs!
Located on Austin Street is a “CityMD” which allows you to stop in if you’re ever not feeling well, but don’t think things are serious enough for you to go to the hospital. As long as they take your insurance, you can check in and wait to be looked at.
“Hallmark Card & Gift” is a small store that has been opened for over 20 years, located on Austin Street in Forest Hills. They sell a variety of products for reasonable price.
There is even “United Artists Theatres” if you are ever in the neighborhood and really want to watch the latest hyped-up movie. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re ever in the neighborhood with family or friends!
Long block on 75Av of Forest Hills that leads you to all of the restaurants and stores on Austin Street. Not only does Forest Hills have a variety of shops and restaurants, it also has gorgeous scenery to add to that.

Forest Hills will only keep on growing from this point on. It is clear to see that living here or even coming to the neighborhood to visit, is a breathtaking experience. Being able to think of what you want and have it there or you on Austin Street, just goes to show you how many services the neighborhood provides. Now that you know all about what is located in Forest Hills, would you take the time to go visit?