Senior Project: Prison Trauma

Diarra Ndoye

Pictures and video can be found on Vimeo!

The trauma endured while in prison continues on. The characters in the drawings are depressed; their faces are either crunched up, faced down or inter-lapping. The first image symbolizes chaos and the mental predicaments they have to face. Their mind is in constant distress and struggle to find inner peace. The second and last image shows personal detachment. When you’re used to being locked in a cell and put in a situation where you’re forced to survive, self detachment is the easier way out. Prisoners detach themselves emotional and mentally in order to help them survive. This is problematic because once they detach themself, it becomes harder to put the pieces back together. This leads to more and endless suffering. The 4th image portrays the unheard screams and cries for help of a prisoner. Prisoners are neglected while in prison and despite their need for help, they are ignored and continuously get abused. The 5th image depicts attachment to prison life even after no longer being compressed within prison walls.