Violet Bohen

My vision of you sits in front of me, in the chairs that no one sits in.

It’s been months, we’ve all settled in,

Except that one moment, when your name, your mystery, melted into my mind.


We were all taken by surprise.

You were mentioned so casually, 

As if none of us would even care about your return.

But don’t feel bad, we all were hooked.


Questions that we needed answers to were everywhere

Questions I could not get answers to.

I wanted to know

I needed to know

These questions ate at my mind like a caterpillar on a leaf


Others took interest, I mean, who else was I supposed to talk to about this?

I tried to be casual

But i couldn’t help notice the others excitement

So I let it go and I let you slip away

 Away into a boxing ring

That I was going to try and win?


Trust me, I was the most confident.

I have already made plans

I just need the day to come

I need you to stop being a mystery and change into reality


I wonder how you’re doing, too

You don’t even know about any of this,

You would probably be surprised if you found out.


What’s even happening to you

I know so little

Yet I feel like everyday was a seminar


You might be confused on why this is so special. Or you might not. I can’t really tell right now because I have no idea who you are. Do I sound crazy? No, this is just a fun little game, a little spice to my day. I used to walk around, the same as I had done since I first walked through the doors. But now I walk around and think about how you will walk. What you will think about. The mental notes you would take. The little details you will notice. Or the little details you will throw aside. Are you cautious, afraid of the world? Or will you walk with pride, as if this little intervention was nothing but a rock in your shoe.

Most importantly, I think about how others feel. If they are telling the truth about you, or just trying to poke fun. Maybe this is all a big joke I should throw away. But they seem so serious? As if I truly am a threat to you. You might hate me, and I’ll wonder why I spent all this time arguing and fighting, and they’ll get their way. Or you might take me under your wing, and they’ll finally show me what they meant.


Well, I guess now all I have to do is wait.

Like I always do

Like I always did

Before this

Maybe this is all a waste

Maybe I should get my priorities straight

Think about all the opportunities I have

All the projects I need to start

But this is the rush

The thrill

Like the books I would read in elementary 

The story.