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The Giants’ 2019 draft picks: Good or bad?

The Giants' 2019 draft picks: Good or bad?

Edward Sherman, Reporter

May 30, 2019

This year another draft has passed, and once again the Giants have made some good decisions and some confusing decisions during this year’s draft. As always, many fans have been confused about their decisions while some think they made the right decisions. They drafted a quarterback that no one expec...

Cultural appropriation? In my school? It’s more likely than you think

Cultural appropriation? In my school? It's more likely than you think

Katie Pimentel

April 5, 2019

Gelled down hairs, gold hoops, long stiletto nails, cornrows, bantu knots, kimonos, hijabs are all examples of current “trends” that originate in appropriation of cultures. Out of the 27 responses on a survey sent to the iSchool, 81.5% of students said that they knew what cultural appropriation is. ...

Teenage Plans and Weekend Plans, the New Generation

Teenage Plans and  Weekend Plans, the New Generation

Maxim Van Dorn, Journalist

April 5, 2019

With technology taking over in the new generation of teens, it seems that all kids are on their phones all the time. With this new generation comes less activities outside, less kids in the parks, less talking. This new generation seems to be on their phones all the time, but what do they do during the ...

Is social media like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat a waste of time?

A student liking a picture on Instagram

Genesis Osorio, Reporter

April 4, 2019

Waking up in the morning to get ready for school, your first instinct will most likely be to use your phone. To scroll endlessly upon your social media and check up on recent updates. As social media has grown to all ages and all platforms, the usage of social media could just be a waste of time. Wi...

Safety comes first

Border Patrol Agents apprehending migrants who crossed over.

Romello Hemphill

April 4, 2019

Back in 2016 when President Donald Trump was running against Hillary Clinton, he said “BUILD THAT WALL,” and used it as his slogan. A lot of people took it in the way of that being racist and till this day blame Trump supporters or conservatives for agreeing with it but there is a lot more behind t...

iMessage games: To cure our boredom or reduce our communication?

People use iMessage games as a way to have fun with their friends, instead of seeing them in person.

Jackelin Vargas, Copy Editor

April 4, 2019

Download, open, send. Or, call them, look for an available day, and wait. Which might sound better to a teenager that is bored? The phone’s essential purpose was to communicate with people, but we have been using them as a quick distraction such as games, specifically iMessage games. iMessage games...

Battle of the worst hallway

Battle of the worst hallway

Mia Davis

April 4, 2019

It’s after lunch at the iSchool, and the hallways are filled with excitement. Friends hugging before their departure to their next class, couples secretly chatting in the corner, people yelling, laughing, and there’s always that one group of friends that seem to take up the entire hallway. With...

Which high school grade is the best to be in?

Tokiyo Machida

April 3, 2019

We have always wished at some point in our lives that we could either go back in time or travel to the future. We imagine what the good old days used to be like, or how much better it would be to grow up. The same situation applies for school, especially high school.   High school is ...

Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza: Fake or for-real?

Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza: Fake or for-real?

Sofia Rinaldi, Reporter

April 2, 2019

Most people have been to Chuck E. Cheese at some point in their lives - but have you heard the latest conspiracy theory about their pizza? Essentially, the theory is that they "recycle" their pizza.   Shane Dawson’s latest video on conspiracy theories featured this conspiracy which ult...

Diversity in the iSchool

Mia Davis, Katie Pimentel, and Ohema Boone

March 22, 2019

The iSchool is all about diversity, but is it as diverse as we say it is?

iSchool students on sleep deprivation

Tokiyo Machida

March 21, 2019

Nowadays, only 15% of teenagers in the US sleep over 8 hours, the required amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a huge problem among teens, and it can have consequences such as aggressiveness  towards people, and it also causes you to eat way too much, which can lead to another problem: gaining weight. Finishing work, phone usage, and...

Coffee: The iSchool’s favorite coffee places

Delightful hot and iced coffee!

Jackelin Vargas

March 21, 2019

You wake up, go to school tired, but luckily you arrive pretty early. That leaves you some time to get something that will wake you up. Something that tastes good, is aromatic, and you could choose either iced or hot. Coffee. You might be unsure where to get your coffee, especially depending on your...

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