World Cup Qualifying Match USA v Mexico. Source:
World Cup Qualifying Match USA v Mexico. Source:

Sports recap: World Cup, MLB hot stove, & more

December 1, 2022

Hello and welcome to iNews Sports Recap! Here are some highlights of the most recent sports news:


Spencer Kaufman – MLB Hot Stove

Since the end of the MLB postseason, trade rumors have been circulating left and right.

  1. Anthony Rizzo: Rizzo came to the Yankees during the middle of the 2021 season to provide the power lefty bat that the Yankees lineup was missing, with the addition of a 4 time gold glove and 1 time platinum gold glove. This came with the hefty price of $32 million for two years with an opt out option for the 2023 season. Rizzo chose to opt out of his contract and decline the Yankees’ qualifying offer of $19.65 million dollars for one season. After rumors that the Yankees’ arch nemesis, the Astros, were interested in Rizzo, they made no hesitation in agreeing to Rizzo’s demands. They agreed upon a $34 million 2 year deal with an option for a third year for $17 million dollars and a $6 million dollar buyout.
  2. Teoscar Hernandez: Hernandez, the former Blue Jays outfielder has been traded over to the Mariners. In return, the Blue Jays received RHP Erik Swanson and LHP Adam Macko, two promising pitchers. This move caught the baseball world by surprise as it was completely unexpected. Teoscar Hernández says that the trade “feels like a new chapter for” him. Teoscar Hernández is another piece in an exciting new Mariners team. He joins star rookie of the year (2022) Julio Rodriquez in the Mariners’ outfield.
  3. Hunter Renfroe: Renfroe established himself as a solid hitter and fielder playing mainly right field. He posted a solid .255 average and 29 home runs. Hunter Renfore was traded to the Angels for 3 promising pitchers: Janson Junk, Elvis Peguero, and Adam Seminaris. Hunter Renfroe earned $7.65 million over the course of the 2022 season, and according to CBS, Renfroe is expected to receive a raise from the Angels. 
  4. Gio Urshela: In 2019, Urshela had a surprisingly monstrous season with the Yankees. Gio Urshela was on the Guardians and the Blue Jays where he was never able to show his true potential. In 2019, the Yankees acquired Urshela for cash considerations from the Blue Jays. No one had expected Urshela to have quite the season he had. He slashed .314/.355/.534. Although he didn’t do as well in the following two seasons with the Yankee he was still considered to be an above average third baseman. Urshela, who was traded to the Twins from the Yankees before the 2022 season, now has been traded again, this time to the Los Angeles Angels.  The Twins have acquired a single pitcher, Alejandro Hidalgo. Although Gio Urshela is a solid third baseman, he’s had some fielding problems of late and there are talks about converting Gio to the outfield.

    Aaron Judge. Source: (Picasa)
  5. Aaron Judge: Although Aaron Judge is still a free agent, we couldn’t make this list without mentioning him. Aaron Judge beat out Angels pitcher, and batter Shohei Ohtani by a wide margin to win the AL MVP award. Judge had a huge season leading the AL in every stat except for batting average, just barely losing out on a triple crown. Aaron Judge also broke Roger Maris’ AL home run record when he hit his 62nd against the Rangers in Arlington, Texas. Judge declined the Yankees $213.5 million dollar 7 year offer before the 2022 season which did nothing but add to his value. It has been reported that the Yankees have offered Judge a contract, which so far he has not accepted. However, the Yankees and Judge have had meetings so it doesn’t seem like this is the Yankee’s final offer. The MLB claims that Judge flew to San Francisco to meet with the Giants. However, Judge hasn’t said anything about the Giants, and claims to be going to San Francisco only to see his family. As an incentive, the Yankees have offered to make Judge the captain, a highly coveted position only the greats have held; Derek Jeter, Lou Gherig, Don Mattingly, and Willie Randolph are just some of the baseball greats that have held this position over the years and it just goes to show how good you have to be to hold that position, and how good Judge really is.


Micah Shapiro – 2022 FIFA World Cup

The wait is finally over for the 2022 World Cup! This is an overview of the beginning of the tournament so far. The 16 teams will battle it out, but only one team will be declared the champion, the question is which? 

One of the favorites to win this year is Brazil, who, according to Sporting News, “are considered to boast one of the deepest player pools in the world.” Sporting News also mentions Argentina, and said, “[Argentina] ha[s] a deep squad to support the legendary Lionel Messi.” Argentina will face Australia in the first round of 16, after an incredible 2-0 win against Poland on 11/30.

Qatar’s hosting of  the World Cup has been labeled a “questionable choice” at best. Qatar is similar in size to Connecticut, and it is too small to host a tournament this big. According to Sports Illustrated, most of the fans have been housed in shipping containers that have been converted into modular living areas. A larger country is needed to host something of this sort of caliber and importance. It does beg the question, why would FIFA do this?

The most likely explanation is money. Qatar is known as a wealthy country due to its success in the oil industry. Is FIFA selling out their fans in this way? While the 2022 World Cup has had multiple issues between the planning, building, and event stages, there is still hope for the 2026 World Cup. Being hosted in North America, and using pre existing infrastructure will be beneficial to the players, the fans, and the environment.


James Corradi – Newcastle in 4th place

Newcastle is in third place despite all odds. Eddie Howe has been a genius for the Magpies, winning all five out of the last five games in the Premier League. Besides the single loss against Liverpool back in August, Newcastle has remained undefeated. He has done this with a squad who you wouldn’t call the most elite of players. Joelinton has scored one goal and gotten one assist as a winger despite playing thirteen games this season. His only impressive stat this season has been being tied for the fourth most yellow cards with the five he has picked up this season. Despite them having an amazing goalie in Nick Pope, their backups don’t provide much hope. If Pope were to be injured. They will have to rely on Loris Karius as goalie. The same goalie who Liverpool fans may never forgive for throwing away the 2018 Champions League Final. Despite this, Newcastle is doing well. Eddie Howe should give himself a pat on the back for the work he is doing at the Northeast England Club.

Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, Rodri and Ederson should not be on a team together. They have proven too good. How are you going to have a player who either leads, or ties for first in almost every big stat? I guess that is what Man City can buy with their Saudi “sponsor” money. Erling Haaland leads the league currently with eighteen goals, Kevin De Bruyne leads the league in assists with nine of them, Rodri leads the league in passes with 1023, and Ederson ties for third for most number of clean sheets with six.

While Erling Haaland is scoring so many goals at the top of the premier league this season, the people in later places are unsurprising. In fourth place on the list you see Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrović. While he may have battered the Championship last year with 43 goals in 44 games. He has never had much of an eye for goal in the Premier League. The 20-21 season saw him score a mere three goals in 27 games. It makes you wonder how this guy could score nine goals in twelve games in the Premier League but apparently he can do it. The Serbian is currently doing well, but let’s see how he does throughout the year.


Malachi Peters – Basketball

The eastern conference is the powerhouse its known to be. The Celtics hang onto the one seed in the East behind the great play of Jayson Tatum. He is averaging 31.6 points, 7.8 rebounds, 4.5 assists, with 1.1 blocks on 48.8% from the field. His teammate (and sidekick), Jaylen Brown is also balling out. He has been averaging 26.1 points per game, and 1 steal while shooting 50% shooting. He is currently ranked 1st in the MVP ladder. Let’s hope that he can keep up the good play, and the team can keep up the good work. 

In the West, the standings are extremely close. Only four games separate the top seed from the 12 seed, who is utterly out of the playoffs. The top seed, the number one seed, and the number 10 seed are separated by four and a half  games in the play-in game, meaning they are just one game away from not making the playoffs. This is a season where most teams are competing for at least a playoff spot if not a championship. In any other season we would look at teams like the Warriors, like it’s almost a guarantee that they win the championship. Yet, as of right now they are barley in the playoffs. It’s going to be very exciting to see how the season plays out. 

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