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Groundbreaking TV shows of 2022 and what’s next

Parker Poma, iNews Reporter May 17, 2023

TV shows have always influenced pop culture, but with the pandemic and more accessible streaming services, TV shows have become even more popular and impactful. For example, when the second season of the...

A colorful work of art with the Bantam Tileworks logo in the center.

Inside the minds of two professional tile artists

Micah Shapiro, iNews Reporter April 4, 2023

In their little town of Bantam, Connecticut, Darin Ronning and Travis Messinger make works of art ranging from teacups to bathroom walls. Their shop, called Bantam Tileworks, is a hit with the town of...

Best songs of the past few months

Parker Poma, iNews Reporter February 2, 2023

2022 was a great year for music. We got “Renaissance” from Beyonce. That album alone proves my whole point. And during the last few months of 2022, as the warmer seasons have turned cold, some enticing...

“Nope” 2022 explained

Tara Silverman , iNews Reporter December 1, 2022

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a flying saucer and sociopathic chimp? It's hard to condense this film down into an article.  The one and only Jordan Peele has done it again. This director is known...

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, the most known serial killer in 2022

Daniela Zamora, iNews Class Reporter November 16, 2022

Jeffrey Dahmer is most known as a Milwaukee cannibal.  Jeffrey Dahmer is also known for killing 17 people. He would go to gay bars and attract men to come with him. He drugged them, took them to his house,...

Bad Bunny is a controversial artist

Marlene Lainez, iNew Class Reporter November 16, 2022

Many of you know Benito Martinez aka Bad bunny. One of the best artists in the latino culture to play reggaeton. As many of you know Bad Bunny for his iconic lyrics. However, most say he is a bad influence...

Midnights: Is it a good album?

Midnights: Is it a good album?

Malka Longabucco, iNews Class Reporter November 16, 2022

October 21st, 2022, the clock strikes midnight. A midnight like any other, except for one thing…  Taylor Swift breaks records by releasing a brand new album in October. It had anticipation for about...


K-pop influence in the music journey

Analize Eleocadio , iNews Class Reporter November 14, 2022

Watching YouTube again, huh? You're scrolling down and you see an ad about KPOP. What do you do? You ignore it. Why? Because according to you, ¨K-pop is boring and they all wear so much makeup.¨ Now...

Guccis window display

Is fashion art?

Lola Hollander, iNews Class Reporter November 7, 2022

It’s something we do every day. We use it to express ourselves and how we want to be presented to the world. It’s our own form of everyday art. You guessed it - it's fashion! Is fashion art? What...

John Carpenter. Source:

Review: The worlds of John Carpenter

Sola Horsley , iNews Class Reporter October 28, 2022

It's Halloween night: a masked face stares at you from a distance, a past long dead, a knife glinting in the night, and a monster of a man. Behind the camera, a man stares at the scene, and the horror...


The importance of web archival in our modern day

Aster McNulty , iNews Class Reporter October 25, 2022

As digitalization becomes unavoidable to all walks of life, the internet has become an unstoppably pervasive force in modern society. The art created in the wake of this takeover is simultaneously some...


Live Music is officially back, and the iSchool community is getting right back into it

Jonathan Schlossberg, iNews Class Reporter October 25, 2022

Standing in front of a stage of any size, you can feel it, and the people around you can feel it. As the music starts to play,  the volume is so high that you can feel bass rattling the ground under you....

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