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The Oakland Coliseum

The Athletics are leaving Oakland. Here’s what you need to know:

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi June 6, 2023

OAKLAND - The Oakland Athletics have announced that they will say their goodbyes to the city after the 2026 season. Several fans and citizens were disappointed and irate. Though some saw this coming, the...

The Oakland Coliseum. Source:

Oakland: The mysterious city of sports

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi April 4, 2023

When the Oakland Raiders left Oakland in 1982, the city of Oakland wasn’t that upset. After all, they still had the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Athletics. It was when they left the second time...

Kert Turley and Head Coach Daniel Jones. Credit: Robert Turley.

iSchool freshman breaks basketball record

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi March 30, 2023

On the same day that LeBron James broke the NBA all-time scoring record, a similar milestone occurred for the iSchool-Chelsea Lions. iSchool Freshman Kert Turley broke the iSchool-Chelsea Junior Varsity...

World Cup Qualifying Match USA v Mexico. Source:

Sports recap: World Cup, MLB hot stove, & more

Hello and welcome to iNews Sports Recap! Here are some highlights of the most recent sports news:   Spencer Kaufman - MLB Hot Stove Since the end of the MLB postseason, trade rumors have...

Leopold Holohan on the ball.
Credit: Daniela Zamora

iSchool soccer team bounces back

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi November 16, 2022

All throughout practice, you could see their determination. The NYC iSchool soccer team played their biggest game of the year against Law & Tech on October 25th, but the result did not even matter. The...

Yankees @ Red Sox July 2012 Source:

MLB’s absurd ticket problem

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi November 7, 2022

Tickets in sports vary depending on the venue. At Madison Square Garden, they are expensive. At NRG Stadium in Houston, they are cheaper. However, “cheaper” doesn’t mean “cheap.” Some of the...


Serena Williams’s winning career

Emily Belasky, iNews Class Reporter October 28, 2022

The bright lights of the Arthur Ashe stadium shine onto Serena Williams and her opponent Ajla Tomljanović. The seats are full; no empty chairs in sight. The crowd roars as Serena throws the ball up and...

Derrick Rose facing the Washington Wizards

Sports injuries and its impact on mental health

Isaac Aleman, iNews Class Reporter October 21, 2022

Imagine your life being the best it could be“;” you’re playing soccer at the highest potential level for your age. You’re a star on the field and may potentially have a future in the sport, but...

Kyle Higashioka in Yankee Stadium. Source:

Underrated MLB playoff players

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi October 20, 2022

Every team has some players who were hot in September. Whether it be Aaron Judge or Kyle Schwarber, most if not everyone knows the superstars who've provided offensive and defensive talent for their team....

Dodgeball: Fun game or violent war?

Dodgeball: Fun game or violent war?

Emmanuel Botu, iNews Class Reporter March 22, 2022

When you were young, what was your favorite sport? Most people would probably say basketball, soccer, and maybe even kickball.   I would say that mine was dodgeball because it is a really fun game...

Curry at a recent Warriors game

Curry better than Micheal Jordan?

Jaylen McIntosh, iNews Class Reporter March 15, 2022

Tom Brady, Connor Mcgregor, David Ortiz have one thing in common: all three of them are very good at their respectable sports, and you can say they’re godly at this point in their careers. In basketball,...

The Nets and Knicks logos Image from:

The battle of New York: Who is the better team?

Malachi Peters, iNews class reporter November 16, 2021

One of the oldest basketball rivalries known to man is the Nets vs. Knicks, the battle of New York. Since 1976, the Nets and Knicks have been facing each other, With the brand new season here, and The...

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