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The Astros’ cheating scandal

The Astros' cheating scandal
January 16, 2020

A new scandal has rocked the baseball world. We’ve seen investigations involving all-time greats such as Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds, but those pale in comparison to this one.  This...

iNews iNbox: The Knicks’ playoff hopes, the Cleveland Browns, Russell Westbrook and sexism in sports.

January 16, 2020

When will the Knicks make the playoffs? --Kaden David, senior So far the future is looking bleak for the Knicks, however, there are a few doors that could be open for the Knicks in the near future....

 The baby GOAT of the NBA

 The baby GOAT of the NBA
January 16, 2020

A GOAT, a name that shows your greatness, that shows that your the best and that there is no one better. Players like Lebron James and Micheal Jordan have left their marks as goats of the NBA but there...

Boring 20s or roaring 20s?

Boring 20s or roaring 20s?
With the new decade underway, how will New York sports look?
January 2, 2020

I, for one, am very thankful that the decade is over (in more ways than one). But, especially as a New York sports fan, I’m ready for the new decade, because the previous one was horrible for our teams.  As...

iNews Baseball Bulletin – Dec. 2019 edition

iNews Baseball Bulletin - Dec. 2019 edition
December 13, 2019

A lot has happened in the baseball world since the Nationals won the World Series in October: Gerrit Cole signed a record breaking, 9-year, $324 million contract with the Yankees in which he only can opt...

The NCAA changes player monetization rules

Temple Star Running Back Montel Harris Photo by Tommy Gilligan/ZUMA PRESS
December 12, 2019

The NCAA has voted to start allowing their athletes to make money off of their likeness. In September, California voted to allow college athletes to get paid off of endorsements and employ agents. This...

The 2009 MLB draft, reimagined.

Mike Trout poses with his new uniform after being drafted #25 by the Angels in the 2009 MLB draft.
June 5, 2019

The 2009 MLB draft saw players such as Mike Trout, Nolan Arenado, Stephen Strasburg, James Paxton and Tyler Skaggs get drafted. In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the 2009 MLB draft, I imagined what...

2019 MLB Draft: Top prospects to watch

2019 MLB Draft: Top prospects to watch
May 30, 2019

Oregon State C Adley Rutschman: A 6’2, 216 lb catcher out of Oregon State, Rutschman is projected to do great things after carrying the Beavers to the World Series & winning Most Outstanding Player...

The Giants’ 2019 draft picks: Good or bad?

The Giants' 2019 draft picks: Good or bad?
May 30, 2019

This year another draft has passed, and once again the Giants have made some good decisions and some confusing decisions during this year’s draft. As always, many fans have been confused about their...

NCAA March Madness 2019

NCAA March Madness 2019
April 5, 2019

Zion Williamson dribbles down the court with 10 seconds left to tie the game and is going for the SLAM DUNK, and he hits an and one. Zion now heads to the line shooting his free throw, and drills the basket...

Lakeside Prospect Park

Lakeside Prospect Park
April 4, 2019

Imagine flying on the ice. Hitting speeds of 30mph but not in a car. The wind smashing your face, getting hard to see. The sound of the ice cracking underneath your skates. The thrill of copying someone's...

Winner of La Liga 2018

March 22, 2019

The Campeonato Nacional De Liga de Primera División is commonly also known as La Liga. La Liga was established in the year of 1929. It was founded by a confederation UEFA (Union of European Football Association)...

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