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The Student News Site of NYC iSchool

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The academic competition post COVID: Time management and validation in connection to the future

Mareez Hasaballa, iNews Class Reporter April 13, 2022

Before you know it, you are walking inside the college office at your school to discuss your education pathways. You think to yourself how time flew, and how you were just sitting in your freshman year...

How have robots changed the way we work?

Reham Elfaki, iNews Class Reporter April 5, 2022

Robots are coming. More than 25% of jobs in the US are experiencing high levels of disruption due to automation. Meanwhile, jobs related to manufacturing and engineering that are at risk of being replaced...

The flag of Urkaine

The history of Ukraine and Russia

Jaylen McIntosh, iNews Class Reporter April 5, 2022

Around the world there are a lot of cities, states, and countries in each of the seven continents. Some of the cities have a lot of history behind them. For example, how did the cities get their names,...

Adorable puppy on a couch. Source: Rawpixel

Puppy Problems: How the COVID-19 pandemic affected pet adoption

Maila Corea and Stella Kear April 5, 2022

Welcome To The Family Fido, reads the caption. You are scrolling through Facebook when another post comes up of your friend’s smiling family holding a little puppy. This is not the first pet-adoption...

Lifting the mask mandate in NYC schools

Mareez Hasaballa, iNews Class Reporter March 28, 2022

After getting ready to celebrate the upcoming new year, something new was born. Not thinking much of your surroundings, you went along with your celebration that you had planned with friends. Just like...

The NYC iSchool.

Is different always better?: Exploring iSchool’s commodities through the work ethic of its students

Gianna Jean-Pierre, iNews Class Reporter March 24, 2022

As you sit in class, mindlessly and unconnectedly sitting through the lessons of a teacher whom you are unfamiliar with, your mind begins to wander. Material loses its meaning, and it becomes harder and...

Photo of New York City- Third Avenue in Murray Hill

Neighbors that make the neighborhood

Jayden Ham, iNews Class Reporter March 18, 2022

 The streets are filled with a kaleidoscope of color – as the traffic light turns from red to green, cars flashing a rainbow color quickly pass a swarm of people equally as colorful. The tops of the...

Typical phone of a student

Phone usage in school: The debate between students and teachers

Spencer Kaufman, iNews Class Reporter March 15, 2022

Picture this: Two students are using their phones in class. One is checking the time, and the other is playing games or scrolling through social media. Neither of these students is going to go unpunished....

The world of music’s impact on student’s performance and mental health

Mareez Hasaballa, iNews Class Reporter March 15, 2022

You have a very important detailed Biochemistry test 2nd period tomorrow that comes with draining amounts of studying. You stay up all night, only hoping to not fall asleep. Instead, you look for a distraction...

Thanksgiving : The forgotten holiday

Carolina Johnson, iNews class reporter November 16, 2021

You sit at the dinner table, surrounded by loved ones and the smell of delicious food. Every inch of the table is covered with a traditional Thanksgiving dish. You make your way around the table until...

Photo credit: Google

Was allowing the option of wearing masks after the vaccine the best idea?

Stephanie Chung, iNews club reporter November 16, 2021

A new term has been identified! There has been a word circulating among TikTokers, if not many people, referring to masks. What exactly is it, you might ask? Mask fishing. The idea that someone looks...

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Coffee, the lovely poison

Ronny C., iNews class reporter November 16, 2021

The early breeze of a Monday morning goes by as you awake to the sound of your third alarm. Knowing you are late, you start to get ready for school in a hurry. Changing your clothes and brushing your teeth,...

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