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The curse of micro-trends

Nikki Hatzopoulos, iNews Reporter April 14, 2023

I’m sure we’re all well aware of the impact social media platforms have on us — it’s all anybody talks about. Social media ruins your mental health, Instagram makes you insecure, TikTok is a gateway...

What is the impact of one’s mindset on success?

Reham Elfaki, iNews Reporter March 9, 2023

One. Two. Three. Success isn't gained within a couple of seconds. Instead, the human mind plays a role in designing the best suitable environment for achievements. Imagine working in a dark cold room,...

Crumbl Cookies: Do they live up to the hype?

Crumbl Cookies: Do they live up to the hype?

Kadiza Aktar, iNews Reporter March 2, 2023

Over the past few years, new businesses have boomed in popularity and caught social media by storm. One of these new businesses —  Crumbl Cookies, has caught the eye of many. Established back in 2017,...

Eating disorders in the world of ballet

Eating disorders in the world of ballet

Nikki Hatzopoulos, iNews Reporter January 23, 2023

“Five minutes is up. Finish up your last stretches and gather by the barre, we need to start on technique” says a stern voice. You finish lacing up the silky ribbons on your pink satin pointe shoes,...

Image of dried up Colorado River Delta Source:

The Western U.S. megadrought

Matthew Marsh, iNews Reporter December 15, 2022

Since the year 2000, the Colorado River has declined almost 20% in size and volume, and today, no longer even reaches its natural delta in the gulf of California. It's an unfortunate and saddening statistic,...

Concept image of the completed World Trade Center complex. From left to right: One WTC, Two WTC behind tower one, The Oculus, Three WTC, Four WTC, and the planned Five WTC. Credit: KPF

Five World Trade Center: The fight for affordable housing

Sam Espinobarros, Lead Copy Editor December 8, 2022

This article was originally published on NYU’s The Spectrum. On the corner of Cedar and Greenwich, lays the bare plot that’s expected to host the future 5 World Trade Center. The new tower is expected...


The art of fostering: How you can save an animal’s life

Eloise Lipp, iNews Class Reporter November 4, 2022

56 percent of dogs and 71 percent of cats that enter animal shelters are euthanized. That is an outrageous amount of animals that are being put down because shelters simply don’t have enough space to...

Tara Silverman, a junior at the iSchool, dressed up as Todd Chavez from BoJack Horseman

iSchooler’s Halloween costumes

Kadiza Aktar, iNews Reporter November 3, 2022

Around this time, Halloween advertisements are just about everywhere. Party City and Spirit Halloween have been advertising like crazy, with new and cooler costumes for people of all ages. These stores...


To stomp or not to stomp?

Eloise Lipp, iNews Class Reporter October 21, 2022

Pale wings with dark spots spread on an inch-long bug. The wings reveal the deep scarlett that is hidden. The spotted lanternfly soars straight up, knowing it must escape its death: a human foot! Spotted...

The academic competition post COVID: Time management and validation in connection to the future

Mareez Hasaballa, iNews Class Reporter April 13, 2022

Before you know it, you are walking inside the college office at your school to discuss your education pathways. You think to yourself how time flew, and how you were just sitting in your freshman year...

How have robots changed the way we work?

Reham Elfaki, iNews Class Reporter April 5, 2022

Robots are coming. More than 25% of jobs in the US are experiencing high levels of disruption due to automation. Meanwhile, jobs related to manufacturing and engineering that are at risk of being replaced...

The flag of Urkaine

The history of Ukraine and Russia

Jaylen McIntosh, iNews Class Reporter April 5, 2022

Around the world there are a lot of cities, states, and countries in each of the seven continents. Some of the cities have a lot of history behind them. For example, how did the cities get their names,...

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