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World Cup Qualifying Match USA v Mexico. Source:

Sports recap: World Cup, MLB hot stove, & more

Hello and welcome to iNews Sports Recap! Here are some highlights of the most recent sports news:   Spencer Kaufman - MLB Hot Stove Since the end of the MLB postseason, trade rumors have...

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer, the most known serial killer in 2022

Daniela Zamora, iNews Class Reporter November 16, 2022

Jeffrey Dahmer is most known as a Milwaukee cannibal.  Jeffrey Dahmer is also known for killing 17 people. He would go to gay bars and attract men to come with him. He drugged them, took them to his house,...

Bad Bunny is a controversial artist

Marlene Lainez, iNew Class Reporter November 16, 2022

Many of you know Benito Martinez aka Bad bunny. One of the best artists in the latino culture to play reggaeton. As many of you know Bad Bunny for his iconic lyrics. However, most say he is a bad influence...


TikTok and its influence

“I want to be more like her;” “Why don’t I try doing that, it seems pretty cool;” “I don’t look as good as the girl in the video.” These are only a few of the thoughts that many teenagers...

Yankees @ Red Sox July 2012 Source:

MLB’s absurd ticket problem

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi November 7, 2022

Tickets in sports vary depending on the venue. At Madison Square Garden, they are expensive. At NRG Stadium in Houston, they are cheaper. However, “cheaper” doesn’t mean “cheap.” Some of the...


True crime in the MTA

Analize Eleocadio, iNews Class Reporter October 28, 2022

You're in the subway station waiting for the train to come. The train arrives and you get on the train. You sit down in a nearest seat close to the train door because why not? Someone walking between the...

Is an hour lunch a necessity?

Is an hour lunch a necessity?

Kaylee Torres, iNews Class Reporter October 27, 2022

Apart from going to school or work, no one does something for hours straight willingly. Usually when we do a task for a long time, we may take multiple breaks. Taking breaks helps you re-energize, which...


The importance of web archival in our modern day

Aster McNulty , iNews Class Reporter October 25, 2022

As digitalization becomes unavoidable to all walks of life, the internet has become an unstoppably pervasive force in modern society. The art created in the wake of this takeover is simultaneously some...

A lyrical analysis of Leslie Anne Levine by The Decemberists

A lyrical analysis of “Leslie Anne Levine” by The Decemberists

Simon Lambert, iNews Class Reporter October 25, 2022

Recently (in the last couple of months) I got really into a band called The Decemberists (not the Russian decembrist revolt). For those of you who don’t know, The Decemberists are an indie folk band...

Teen’s mental health in NYC

Daniela Zamora and Marlene Lainez October 25, 2022

“Mental health is  difficult for teens, you know, although you guys have so many more opportunities, there's still so much pressure and so many standards in society, and teens just want to be accepted,...

Kyle Higashioka in Yankee Stadium. Source:

Underrated MLB playoff players

Micah Shapiro and James Corradi October 20, 2022

Every team has some players who were hot in September. Whether it be Aaron Judge or Kyle Schwarber, most if not everyone knows the superstars who've provided offensive and defensive talent for their team....


The iSchool’s missing library

Emmanuel Botu, iNews Class Reporter April 13, 2022

When you were younger, what was your opinion on books? Some people would say that they hated books as a child while others would say that they loved them. Sooner or later when we get older, we may have...

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