Unpopular Music Opinions

October 31, 2017


Beyonce performing at the 2013 SuperBowl Halftime Show.

Beyonce is overrated. There, we said it, and we’re pretty sure that you, the reader, is trying to find the button on your screen to exit out of this article. But we’re sure that you’re also intrigued. Do we really think Beyonce is overrated? Do we have more unpopular music opinions? The answer to both questions is yes and yes, as there’s a whole lot of tea to be spilled in regards to music. At this point you should’ve decided on staying to read what we have to say instead of clicking that “x” button, because it’s pretty interesting.

Since we have already dug ourselves a hole with the Beyhive, we should first elaborate upon that unpopular opinion. Beyonce is amazing, and you could catch us (“us” meaning Enma and Nikole–no one else) bopping to Drunk In Loveor screaming out renditions of ‘Partition’ almost everyday. However, Beyonce is treated as if she’s a goddess and that there aren’t other talented artists in America. Um, Adele says hello, or rather sings it, because there are so many artists that aren’t Beyonce that have equally as much talent (Rihanna, SZA, Lady Gaga, etc).

The opinions don’t stop at just Beyonce, because we got a thing or two to say about The Chainsmokers, and not just about their racist history. First of all, we think their music sounds the same. Notice how those excuses for beat drops in “Roses” and “Closer” sound the same? That’s because they are, but just with different speed. All of the beats they use in their songs are three chords, and they even manage to make their collaboration with BTS basic. Ask any fan of BTS, and they’ll agree that their collaboration is one of BTS’s worst songs.

There are also a lot of underrated artists in the music industry who deserve to be recognized more. There are a lot of rappers in the music industry that don’t get the recognition they deserve, like Logic, NF, and Machine Gun Kelly. Along with these artists, Korean rappers such as G-Dragon, RM, Agust D,  have amazing skills that are better than some western rappers in the rap industry as well. From unique flow to detailed lyrics, Korean hip hop music has fans from all over the world, but isn’t taken seriously in the western industry. Rap in our opinion doesn’t have to be in just English.

Y’all thought we were done? Well think again, because there’s a multitude of opinions in the relation to music.

Certain unpopular music opinions people may have can be about the popularity of specific artists. For example, freshman Ronald Noel said “Drake was good in 2012, but after that he doesn’t even deserve to be in the industry.” Staff at the iSchool also seem to have an input about popular artists in the music industry as well. English teacher Tom Jones seems to have quite a strong opinion about Justin Bieber, stating “I don’t like Justin Beiber. And to anyone who does like him, I’m ready to rumble.” Gretel Smith, an advisor/art teacher at the iSchool, also jumped on this bandwagon about popular artists.. “I think that Paul McCartney was the best Beatle.”

Students at the iSchool are shown to have quite opinionated minds about music.   “Trap music makes me want to drive my head against the wall and regret being alive.” freshmen Jalexie Urena said. Another freshman named Enma Quezada shared an opinion with Mr. Jones, both sharing an extreme dislike for heavy/thrash metal music. Both have stated “I don’t really like trash metal. It sounds like scary noise to me.”

If you look on Instagram, there’s a large amount of comments under posts asking people for their unpopular music opinions. What we’ve touched on is only the minimum, and there are more to be read by hundreds of people, even thousands. It’s great to see so many people agreeing and expressing their opinions to the public, and we hope that more people come forward with this popular trend of unpopular opinions.

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