Senior Project: Modernizing sex-education to fit the needs of adolescents

April 7, 2021

Priority population:

 New York City public high school eleventh and twelfth-grade students 


  1. Development and moderating of an Instagram social network feed, @letstalkaboutsexednyc, that also has links to services, this Instagram will normalize an inclusive perspective on relationships from an accessible, youth- appealing, and accurate resource- this will serve as an alternative “youth toolkit”
  2. A broad educator toolkit to expand teachers skills and provide a common language for discussing issues with adolescents
  3. Development and dissemination of free or low cost inclusive social, sexual, and reproductive resources 
  4. A module that proposes integrating ideas into eleventh and twelfth-grade sexuality education following Bloom’s taxonomy framework with both passive and active learning activities, in lesson plan methods 1 and 2 will be mentioned through interactive content. This module will be presented in advisory on 3/5/2021.


External work for my project to follow along:

Project Guide and Lesson Plan

Instagram Account: Student Guide @letstalkaboutsexednyc

@letstalkaboutsexed Data From Polls

Educator Toolkit

Presentation/Lesson on Adolescent Online Dating Apps

Advisory Response to Lesson

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