Sara was a young pretty girl who didn’t get into trouble. As she was walking home from school, she realized someone was following her. She knew she wouldn’t be that fast, so she did not choose to run. She tried getting home as fast as she could, walking at a slow pace. She tries calling her dad discreetly in case the man following her is looking for where her phone is, but her dad didn’t pick up. She kept calling, not realizing her pace has quickened, her heart is beating really fast, she is afraid. Trying to turn without the man seeing her, she realizes the man wasn’t so far anymore, he was right behind her.


Sara gets startled, she jumps up a little putting her hand on her chest, dropping her phone. The man now in front of her, grabs the phone, “You want this back?” he asks her, and well, she says nothing. She doesn’t move and looks around for help, but finds herself alone. The man tells her to walk with him, but she refuses, he keeps trying to just have her walk on her own, just waving his arm forward with every step he takes. Realizing she won’t move, and how she isn’t following him, he grabs her. He picks her up from the ground and starts forcing her into a car that was moving toward them. She weeps softly crying out for help since she’s scared but isn’t heard. Her father, who finally got home from just going on a quick run, realizes his daughter called him, so he calls her back but… no answer? He gets worried because she never misses a call, let alone misses 2, so he calls again, but no, nothing. He quickly gets in the car and goes down roads Sara would usually go by on her way home. He calls the school and they tell him she left a while ago, Sara isn’t seen in the streets, Troy calls the cops. He tells them everything, “It’s killing me to just know if I had just picked up the goddamn phone”. They tell him not to worry, and if they hear anything they’ll be sure to let him know, so he gets home to see if she’ll just go home late, or if she’ll call again. 

Street cameras show Sara getting dragged in a car, lucky for them, the car never goes off-camera. Sara was quickly found in a basement, gutted, laying in a pile of blood with the door wide open. The cops call her father. Ring. Ring. Ring.