Running Out of Treasure

Oil will vanish from this earth by 2052. In just 47 years there will be no more oil left for any of our cars, trucks, or even planes. Oil is a natural resource that is so vital to our everyday lives yet we don’t know its importance of it. Oil is a natural resource that is found beneath the land and underground reservoirs where ancient seas were once located. This natural resource is made when large amounts of dead plants and tiny organisms fall to the bottom of the sea and over time multiple layers of sand and mud bury them underground. As years go by, heat and pressure start to rise when organisms get buried deeper below the surfaces. By the end of this process, the organisms and plants turn into oil when there is enough pressure present and heat. This oil then proceeds to move through the pores in the rocks until it gets trapped under cap rock and clay. This is where all the treasure is buried. Humans have been on this treasure hunt for countless years. This oil is then heated so that large hydrocarbon molecules break up into smaller molecules which results in giving us gasoline. 

Over these last couple of years, we are seeing a rise in oil and gas prices around the world. However recently the United States has seen a drastic increase in gas prices compared to two years ago. Even with the increased popularity of electric cars, we would expect gas prices to go down but this hasn’t been the case at all. Additionally, we Covid people had been quarantined in their homes for the past two years which means most of America wasn’t on the road driving. 

If no one is using the gas that’s available and the demand is much lower than before then why is the price of supply going up every other day? With all of this going on, why are gas prices going up all of a sudden? Something is going on in the background that the public is not aware of. What is the government hiding from us? I believe we as the citizens of the United States need to do something about it. 

We need to go to war! The people of the United States should go to war with every major country in the middle east that possesses this treasure. These middle east countries are hogging all the oil for themselves causing oil and gasoline to be expensive. We need to use all our military power against countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. To win this war we need every single American to fight in this war. We need to fight for what is rightfully ours. Even if Congress doesn’t approve of this war, we could take our small boats and mini planes and go to the middle east ourselves. All we need to do is build our oil wells on open lands and stick the American flag on them. Without any bloodshed, America could have tanks filled with rich and cheap oil. No one has to get hurt during this war and if people from the middle east just follow our directions then it won’t even seem like a war. We could even call it the “Bloodless War”, a war with zero casualties. Now when the tanks are filled with oil, we will call people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to send their airplanes so that we could fly these tanks back home. If this plan works then the price of oil and gasoline will drop to maybe $1 a gallon. What could go wrong with this plan?

Of course, this plan wouldn’t work. The last thing the world needs right now is crazy white Americans going off to a middle country and showing them their guns. The middle east countries would never listen to us especially after following into the same trap multiple times just a few decades ago. However, the supply of oil is still a massive problem that needs to be solved before we run out of time. One of the best things we could do as a county is negotiate deals with countries like Saudi Arabia to give us more oil for a lower price in exchange for receiving a favor from us that they can use in the future or anything. Future Americans can worry about the problems that will come from that favor, but this proposal will save present America. The best way to solve this problem is through words and not war no matter how big the treasure might seem to be.