A Modest Proposal

Imagine someone called you a slur… What are you doin? Running away or fighting back. You actually can’t do either because they both seem socially unacceptable. If you run away you will be looked down upon but if you fight back you go to jail! Unfair world. Many people experience different types of racism all over the world. Racism makes people feel unsafe to live by who they are. Black people were enslaved for the colors of their skin experiencing years of torment that traveled throughout generations of families against their wills.  Jewish people were put in concentration camps just for being jewish, millions and millions of people were killed inhumanely. Others live to experience trauma forever. Today, people are hate crimed, disrespected, and killed for their race. Others experience inequality and unfair disadvantages in the workplace, in public, and sometimes even at home. No one wants to feel scared or hatred, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world.  Racism should not be an obstacle to letting people live their lives. 

You now know how badly racism affects normal people trying to live their lives peacefully. How could we solve this issue? Simple. Take away colors, everyone will be colorblind. At birth, babies will undergo a procedure that will remove the cones in babies eyes that detect certain colors, colors will not be removed completely but a device will be implanted that can turn certain colors on and off. This device will be able to control the colors the public is able to view. Different skin tones will not exist, everything will be the same shade of chartreuse or say mac and cheese.  With no variety of colors, everyone will have the same skin tone. Why have a basic skin tone like white, black, or tan when there is an entire color wheel of alternate colors. You can be a bright cheery orange or a fruity calm pink hue!

Why would people be on board with this new act against racism? Simply since there will be no more racism. What about the racist people? Well if they hate people of other skin tones so much then why wouldn’t they be on board with eradicating the thing they hate the most? If taking away a reason to be racist isn’t enough, then the government will make sure good colors will be chosen to become the main one. One year chartreuse could be the main color, it is a pretty neat shade. I think a lot of people would appreciate this new worldly hue. The color doesn’t even have to be chartreuse, there can be a democratic election held to decide upon which color shall be named the coolest raddest awesomest shade of all time.  There would be no valid reason to be racist if everyone looks the same. If you’re hateful to another person because of their skin tone you would just be a hypocrite at that point since everyone literally has the same skin tone. 

You see over the years we have taken large stances against racism such as the Civil Rights Movement and Police Brutality Protest Marches but this simply is not enough. Making everything the same color is obviously the better option.  People have no choice but to conform to the color elected. Over time people will grow to enjoy the beautiful singular color of the world and their skin!