How to Solve the Unemployment Crisis

Problem: Unemployment rate in New York increasing ever since covid and how it has left many innocent people in the streets.


Have you ever wondered how the government is okay with having so many homeless and unemployed people, leaving them to live off the streets of New York? There are over 400,000 people that are unemployed in New York. Covid has had such a huge impact on so many people’s lives, having to be separated from loved ones, as well as not being able to go out to work everyday and some jobs did not give the option to work remotely leaving them jobless and many even homeless. Since covid happened, the number of unemployed people has gone up, with more people on the streets because the shelters are overly packed, leaving people, even kids not having any food or anywhere safe to stay. Once people hit rock bottom, it is hard for them to come back up, without making enough money to have a decent place to stay, food, clothes and so much more. 

Just imagine having to beg people for food or money on the streets and getting dirty looks from people walking past because you are “in their way”. Especially in New York City people get annoyed easily that they have to switch cars because someone homeless is there, or taking up space in the side walk. It does not have a positive outlook on New York. Having to sleep on the dirty street floors with no blanket or comforter, having to shoo the rats away from your area. Even some little children have to experience living on the streets and having to find some way to get their next meal. It is unfortunate that the government could be doing so much more to help people in those estates. 

I am proposing that the government give everybody that needs a job, a job, but of their choosing. They would go down to city hall, fill out a form ranking their preference of jobs and if it requires training or college degrees, they would have the opportunity to get it as long as they show willingness to want to achieve it. People living off of the streets is not a good look for the city and there should be some sympathy in your hearts to try and help people who are unemployed.

The way it would work is having people stand on a line (if any) and fill out a form online answering some questions about who they are and why they are applying to this opportunity, sort of like a screening. Then they wait around for a couple of minutes-hours while people review their application and figure out if they qualify for the opportunity and then if they do they go to another room in the building and take another survey about what their job preferences are and what they need in order to get that job. If they qualify they get reference with someone who can help them further. If not, they are offered some sort of help that they need, and if they choose to get that help, after that help period is finished, they can apply again.

This way people who need some sort of income will have the opportunity to do so, and will have the opportunity to save up to have the essentials that they need like a home, food etc. It would teach kids as well, that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve what they want to achieve in life as long as they work hard for it.
I know your probably wondering? How can this all be possible? When people go down to city hall and fill out a form, they will also have to fill out a form that states why they should receive the opportunity to get the help that they need to have a job that they love. If they don’t qualify, they would get the help that they need in order to qualify, like some sort of training or mental health workshop that will help the people who need it get in the right mindset. 

In order to get everyone on board, people just need to realize that if there isn’t something done about this issue, the number of job opportunities will begin to decline even further as more and more jobs become online or technology based so they need be introduced to all of it before it actually happens. If the government agrees to this, it will have such a positive impact on New York and on people in general, it will motivate people to accomplish the things that they always wanted to but never could and it is the right thing to do! Who wouldn’t want to help people better themselves and help their city as a whole?