A Modest Proposal

Billions of dollars have been spent on nuclear weapons through the years. Nuclear weapons were becoming exponentially better and more destructive. But the whole operation has been put to a halt because of the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. The production of Nuclear weapon production has been slowly decreasing and eventually completely stopped. But not several billions of dollars have already been spent to create them. Now, all they are doing is posing nicely in our nuclear arsenal. They haven’t been used in years and they literally have no point in existing. How would you feel, when you basically have billions of dollars of products just lying around?


These nukes are strong enough to level out entire cities without a problem. We still have 13,000 these bombs waiting for their spotlight. We literally still have enough nukes to end humanity. Something has to be done. There seems to be no intention of ever using them agains. So why keep them stored up? Why not use them in for something that would be completely awesome. Something that is super popular nowadays are shows and concerts. Entertainment basically runs the world now. Literally the entire world population lives for entertainment. We need to put the nukes into action. 


As a solution, the nukes should be put into some kind of use because they can’t just be sitting there. I believe the nukes should be used for a nuclear show where they are all launched into one place. These billion dollar fireworks will provide a fantastic source of entertainment and make back some of the tremendous amounts of money spent on them.  There can be tickets sold for in person attendance that are basically meant for the rich people. Then, to watch it on television, people have to pay 10 dollars to watch the entire show. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, people would have to be completely brain dead to miss out on this. This will be the talk of the century. 


The reason why this idea is so awesome is because everyone benefits. The military will make millions of dollars from this show and will finally get rid of these expensive fireworks. The public will absolutely love this show because it has never been heard of before. This will be a one in a trillion experience, people will witness history. Literally no harm will happen from this because we will perform this show in the middle of nowhere, probably in some random place in Nevada. After the show, we don’t even have to worry about too much because it’s in the middle of nowhere. Everyone benefits, and after that, we can move on from our nuclear era and start focusing on the future instead of hanging onto the past. 


People may think that this idea is crazy due to the radiation and the impact it’ll have on the environment. It won’t matter because we’ll have this show in the middle of nowhere. That way, we won’t have to worry about consequences because no one lives there and probably no one will plan to live there. The land’s destruction shouldn’t be a worry. For anyone who is buzzkill and did their homework about radiation, you don’t have to worry. There will be facemasks distributed during this show. These masks have protected us through covid, and will surely keep out the radiation. Just don’t breathe any of it in. As long as the radiation doesn’t get inside your body, you’ll be fine. To recap: it’s safe, it’s fun, it’s never heard of, it will make tons of money. There is no reason why this plan won’t work and why not everyone will want to witness this. 


This isn’t a real solution, this would actually be a terrible idea. But the problem at hand is real. We have several thousands of nuclear bombs in our arsenal that have no use anymore. We need to get rid of them. These bombs are enough to wipe out the entire human population. We shouldn’t be holding onto them. Especially after what we’ve seen with Putin going crazy. One man should not have this much power over the world. These people of power aren’t always as rational as you believe. History has proven this time and time again. Hitler killed millions, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, these people keep popping up. These rulers were all unfit for their position. This is inevitable as we are all human. But we can eliminate a risk by not allowing them to get their hands on nuclear weapons. Don’t let anyone have the power to cause our extinction. Find a way to get rid of these nukes. We shouldn’t let these weapons exist anymore, there isn’t any way we can use them anymore, unless killer aliens invade the earth. We need to get rid of the nukes and move on.