A Modest Proposal

The problem these days in our country that barely anyone talks about is how divided we are, remember the riots in the white house when donald trump lost the election. . . yeah imagine that in the future but way worse, remember the american civil war yeah in the future we’ll have another civil war if we don’t solve this problem, global warming is the least of our problems if we don’t solve this problem mostly because one of the political parties would say its a fake while the other say “we’re doomed”, the american civil war had a total of 750,000 americans deaths making it the most bloody war america fought in but think what would happen if that war happened now, more casualties more destruction, we might not recover. I call upon the people to come to reason and stop the division before we tear our country apart, “a house divided will not stand” a president during the civil war Abraham lincoln. The violence might get worse in the next elections. While most people might not see the problem but they will soon enough, afterall seeing the recent options for our presidents are actually getting worse. Remember when trump was elected and when covid started to infect America he said it was fake news, then he got infected then he said he always believed in it. He even said to put bleach in our blood to remove covid but that will kill us as well. Not to mention what he say during a meeting with other world leaders, in that meeting where they talked about improving the world, trump arrive late and left early without signing an agreement like everyone else, also he acted like a child then threw starburst candy at the german chancellor saying “don’t say i never gave you anything” and just left, we made poor decisions on electing him as our leader. I hate to say this but even Obama was not that great. I mean the first black president was great but there was one case that made me lose faith in our presidents. In flint, michigan, the city was suffering from infected water and people were dying and then our president came to fix it, he pulled a stunt by asking for water from the tap, he didn’t even drink it then he said there is no problem with the water, imagine the reaction the people had. They lost faith in their idol believing he would fix the problem and let others know they are suffering but it never happened, people these days forget about that or never even heard of the problem. I propose a solution to the problem to solve all problems, a solution where everyone can live in a government that supports their political ideals. Having a government shutdown for a long time. 


Now people might think that’s a bad idea. The government will still exist but not in the country giving people total freedom. Major government buildings like military bases will still be active but closed off to the public. . . as usual. At first people will be confused and worried, riots and looting might happen. But then people will take matters into their own hands and start their own society. These groups might start out as people trying to get by and survive in a lawless country but then these groups will start having ideals one group might be more liberal and the others more authoritarian. They start their governments with their ideals and give the people what they need like food. They might start their own currency like bullets, bottlecaps, paper money, coins, a shiny rock, trading cards, eggs. They’ll make their own states later by owning cities. Then these governments might actually do something and unite people, they could enforce laws at better levels than before because now they focus on maintaining their rule. They could even encourage people at a personal level to do their part and it might actually work, Eventually these cities will be dominated by the main ideology of the state which might play out well since everyone might be on the same page, but there will be people stubborn against the dominated belief after all america is a mixing bowl of different flavors. Like religious groups will disagree with each other, there will definitely be city states run in a theocratic style government. Even city states who mainly believe in more materialistic views. These city state will soon try to convince each other to join each other starting alliances/coalitions/unions, especially those with similar beliefs although groups with different ideals might not get along with each other, these groups might go against each other, might even promote extremist behavior, but since these groups only own a few cities any wars will be small scale to large skirmishes instead of a hellscape like the world wars, these battles won’t have large militaries with tanks only militias and armed vehicles very little major weapons of war. But we only have to worry about the very patriotic nationalist and the zealots believers, also xenophobics. But most likely other groups will rise together like i said earlier and start an alliance to protect themselves. Now the actual government will try to maintain the country’s stability saying “hi yes we exist” this way other countries will not invade. Eventually the actual government will return whether it found a great suitor for its replacement or when it all went south in one place the government returned to fix that problem.  


So why would anyone do this in the first place. Well this way the people would unite themselves either by peaceful collaboration or conquest. They express their beliefs freely and are able to defend their beliefs, and might cooperate with others for mutual agreement. since outside the city states will be more chaotic and lawless people would seek these cities for safety attracting all manner of people, so politics will be the least of people’s problems, they’ll be more focus on the protection of the city and how safe it is, these cities will most likely have a democratic election, but there is a chance for dictatorship maybe the militia or police take over, it will be similar to that of ancient greece they were only united when greece was threaten but overall acted individually and freely. But since the government is responsible for many things like our mail and education. Education people can be home schooled and teachers might volunteer to teach for free. Our mail, there are companies that deliver our mails, while yes now you can attack the mailman without getting a felony they could hire bodyguards, also there are mail delivery companies that are not run by the government.         


Now should we actually do this. . . no absolutely no, we still need the government, although this is an interesting idea but no, too much freedom might turn into mad max. However we should fix the problems we do have, political division is actually serious and starts a large scale civil unrest, so are the events in flint michigan not to mention our bad options for presidents. Like Trump, he was a bad choice, which might have been the reason for WW3 to start.