A Modest Proposal

Huge amount of people in the United States are battling with their addictions and their age, race, and background doesn’t matter on why they consume drugs now days. Some people consume drugs out of curiosity or simply just to have a good time. It could be the opposite like for mental issue mattern such as to ease stress, anxiety, or depression. We’ve all heard someone use the term “disease” 2when talking about drug addiction. Some people say its a only choice. But I believe addiction is a complex and powerful disease that destroyes health and humanity. Even if they wanted to turn their life back around and quit, people who are addicted to drugs are unable to do so because addiction is far from easy. The drugs alter the brain in such a way that stopping becomes physically and mentally challenging. Drug addiction is a continuous pandemic in America, sweeping the streets and pharmacies of our communities across the country. Prescription or illegal drug abuse affects over 27 million Americans today. According to recent study, almost 21 million people in the United States fulfill the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder, sometimes known as clinical drug addiction.


It is a serious problem in the United States that Americans are addicted to devious drugs since the deadly crack epidemic in late 1980s. It was when crack epiemic happened when drug use were first becoming a huge problem since it had a huge influence on the poors. The early 1980s saw a significant increase in the use of crack cocaine, or crack, in the United States. Crack cocaine became popular due to its low price, instant euphoric effect, and high profit rates. As the drug addiction rate go up over time, numbers of crimes and death are increasing. And what the government should be doing is instead of prividing with help, they should be put in jail so the crime rate don’t go up any more than it is right now. rehabliation center, resitential programs, inpatient hospital, and many others are unavailing and pointless. When you look at it, you might think drug addiction only affects the user themselves only. Addiction, on the other hand, is a harmful problem that affects everyone else around the user as well. The family members of the user are more likely to go insane and eventually, the whole family ends up on the street tweaking off their ass. People who are addicted prioritize substances because addiction causes the urges to go crazy and loss of emotions. They don’t even get to have a choice in the matter anymore. I went throught the addiction to xanax and let me tell you, I went crazy. I would often do crazy stuff and occasionally pass out on the street. They sent me to inpatient rehab. However it did not help because my brain wasn’t normal and It was too late for me to be myself again. I remember, my therapist telling me during our session, “I know this is my job, but I dont actually think its going to help you nor any other addicts in this world. There’s no way for them to get help. They are crazy and that is just the way it is.” I said wow. 

Because addicts getting help is pointless and waste of money and property, I am suggesting that the government should discover an island to trap the addicts in with no surveillance whatsoever, let them all just be there themselves roaming around the island. Not only this would benefit people who are impacted due to knowing an addict but this would benefit the United States since 120% of the crimes are committed by drug addicts and it is shown in study that 150% of people who are addicted to drugs are criminally insane. 


Although the drug could make you do stuff you wouldn’t do, no one wants to become like that and be away from your loved ones forever. Depends on how far you are into the drug, some people might have to be away from the real world for a little and not be able to have any access to drugs. Seeking for professional help is something all addicts need to do in order to recover because it usually takes more than good intentions. However, changing your mindset having a good supporting system is a big part in recovery. Processing everything when you are away could really help with your recovery as well. It’s never too late to want to change and get your old self back.