iSchooler’s Halloween costumes


Tara Silverman, a junior at the iSchool, dressed up as Todd Chavez from BoJack Horseman

Around this time, Halloween advertisements are just about everywhere. Party City and Spirit Halloween have been advertising like crazy, with new and cooler costumes for people of all ages. These stores popping up everywhere really help put people in the Halloween spirit. 

Despite having to wait until the 31st to experience this holiday, the anticipation of Halloween is half the fun, as festivities begin as soon as the first of the month. The entire weekend leading up to Halloween is always so eventful, and the same can be said for this past weekend.

Growing up, dressing for Halloween was an exciting endeavor, with emphasis placed on having different costumes from everyone else. Though in high school many may feel as though they have outgrown this “silly” tradition, there is still a large selection of people who disagree. There has been buzzing excitement among iSchool students on what they’re going to be wearing or what they’re going to be doing. 

Luckily, the iSchool allows us to come into school with costumes, making school a fun environment to see our peers all dressed up. Even with the very minuscule directions we have to follow, such as no masks or facial coverings, students are still able to experience the fun of dressing up on what would otherwise be a regular school day.

The school community was very joyous on this lively occasion, and it almost felt as if students were still little kids getting ready to go trick or treating again. Because school days can be stressful, people may have brushed over the amazing costumes worn on Monday. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Andrew Rodriguez and Lila Wolff, juniors, decided to dress up as a sorority girl and a frat guy. Lila, on the left, did a great job of adding accessories to really sell the look. Andrew, on the right, seems to be repping Alpha Sigma.
Lucy McGee, senior, dressed as the Punisher from the various Marvel Movies. When compared to the outfit that the Punisher actually wears, Lucy is very accurate. Super impressive and cool!
Sola Horsley, junior, put her own little spin on a 50s inspired housewife. This is definitely a creative costume, and she looks great. Good for her!






Phoenix Doyle, junior, dressed as what he puts in his words to be “a Cyberpunk Cop.” This is very creative. This is one costume everyone should’ve seen; he even had a mask (that he sadly isn’t wearing in this picture). What a crazy sight to see in the halls, in the best way possible.



Mario Ilievski, senior, dressed up as Michael Jackson. Maybe this costume is not the most obvious, but he pulls it off nonetheless. The jacket is really the best part of the costume, and it is super cute!


Clarissa Morris, junior and iNews reporter, pulled out the chef’s hat and apron to be- you guessed it- a chef! The mustache and beard she decided to draw on definitely completes the costume. Very adorable!
James Corradi, freshman and iNews Reporter, took his first Halloween costume at the iSchool very seriously. Although his costume may sometimes be mistaken as a green apple, he is in fact a pea. He even made it!


Ruby Wallach and Frida Nicosia, juniors, dressed as characters from a familiar game: Subway Surfers. Ruby, on the left, is dressed as Jake, and she even has a hoverboard and a hat that has Subway Surfers glued on to match. Love the dedication! Frida, on the right, is Tricky, and the resemblance is uncanny! She got this outfit incredibly accurate.


Last but not least, Nalunga Di Domenico, sophomore, is dressed as a Cheetah. Albeit a very simple costume, she looks great, and the simplicity makes it the perfect costume for school!




Trent Ford, junior, pulled out a jumpsuit for Halloween. He dressed as a janitor and looked so cool. The addition of the neon beanie is a fun touch!





























Dressing up is fun, and being able to attend school in costume makes the school day something all students can look forward to, which is sometimes needed in a school environment. 

It was so exciting anticipating what people were going to come to school as, and undoubtedly, very impressive. iSchoolers truly know how to get in the Halloween spirit, and it was so nice to see the unique costumes they came in. We’re already looking forward to next year’s outfits!