Bad Bunny is a controversial artist

File:BAD BUNNY - CONCIERTO P FKN R 2021.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
One of Bad Bunny’s concert

Many of you know Benito Martinez aka Bad bunny. One of the best artists in the latino culture to play reggaeton. As many of you know Bad Bunny for his iconic lyrics. However, most say he is a bad influence on teens. According to Billboard, “Some say that his lyrics are lewd and represent women as mere sex objects.” While others say the opposite as an anonymous freshman said that, “Bad Bunny is my idol, my everything his songs are an inspiration and relatable when it comes love and how teens feel after a heartbreak.” 

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio was born on March 10, 1994, in Puerto Rico where he considered his homeland. Puerto Rico is an island full of colors and music to enjoy. If anyone goes to Puerto Rico the first thing that they should try is the food, “The food in Puerto Rico has a variety of flavors that will melt in your mouth,” said Janet Martinez a freshman at the iSchool.  He is the son of a retired teacher and truck driver. He was always inspired by music since his mother will always listen to merengue, salsa, and ballad. His passion since he was little was to become an artist. At the age of 14 Bad bunny started writing and singing his own songs. By 2013 he started publishing his songs on soundcloud. He became famous in 2016 with his hit song Dele.

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Picture of Bad Bunny in 2019.

Many may ask why is Bad Bunny a Bad influence on teens these days? His lyrics may include sexual phrases, inappropriate language, and curses. Many may say that he set a bad example since having an open relationship with Gabriela. For example at a San Juan Puerto Rico night club Bad bunny had a performance. A girl grabbed him to give him a kiss. Many fans are jealous that she got the opportunity to kiss Bad Bunny. 

While others may say that he didn’t have the right to kiss her while she had a boyfriend, then Bad Bunny came back for a second kiss. From the boyfriend’s perspective he was annoyed. He decided to break up with her because of cheating with him. 

Others may say how it was shocking that he made out with his backup dancers while singing one of his famous songs “Titi Me Pregunto .” Many were shocked that a straight man kissed a male backup dancer Talking about the song “Titi Me pregunto”. Many may think it is a bad influence on boys, “I could never let my son listen to that music because it may influence him to have as many girls as he wants” said an anonymous mother. “Titi Me Pregunto” is a song about Bad Bunny having too many girlfriends and how he would never have a long term relationship.

Many teachers may not like Bad Bunny because of his salary. Some say it can be unfair how Benito makes more money than teachers do. Bad Bunny does entertain many people about millions actually, but teachers are here to help students have a great future ahead of them. According to Billboard on a facebook post a teacher said, “How is it that I, as a teacher with years of formal education, barely manage to pay my bills, while you earn millions by rhyming obscene words?” While another teacher is worried that Bad Bunny can make children, “only want to write indecent lyrics? Will denigrating women will be their biggest accomplishment, and will our schools close.”

Bad Bunny could also be known for his good actions. Many may not notice that over the years Bad Bunny has made good actions when it comes to Puerto Rico.Like I have said earlier in the article Bad Bunny’s homeland has always been Puerto Rico even being half Dominican. Sadly on September 14, 2022 hurricane Fiona hit the island of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Fiona took at least 25 peoples lives in Puerto Rico cutting out the electricity that the island had. According to Remezcla during Bad Bunny’s world tour this summer, “Following Hurricane Fiona’s devastation, Bad Bunny’s team added QR codes listing local organizations helping those in need in Puerto Rico.”

These aren’t the only actions that Bad Bunny has made for his country. He also created the Good Bunny foundation. The good Bunny foundations allow children to have the opportunity to learn more about the arts, music, and sports. By helping others Hola  states, “Bad Bunny and his Good Bunny Foundation launched the $500,000 Deja Tu Huella Fund, a campaign to support Hispanic communities across the U.S.”

Many of you might not know that Bad Bunny has influenced and encouraged many people to be themselves. As many of you know we live in a world of hate. However, the bad bunny believes that we should treat one another as who we are because we are human. He has always believed that being latino is a gift. He was embarrassed to show pride in his culture. Bad Bunny once said, “Be proud to be latino and never lose that pride.”

When it comes to his music many may only pay attention to how obscene and inappropriate his lyrics might be. How most of his lyrics can relate to sex. However, if you ever listen to his songs with full ears then you notice that his songs can actually become relatable to others. Ok, yes the song “Titi Me Pregunto” can be inappropriate and become bad examples for boys. Although if you ever get to listen to the last minute of the song it talks about how Benito is too scared to have a long term relationship since he can’t trust many people. 

Now I think we should ask the members of iSchool. Janet Martines a freshman at the iSchool said that, “Despite Bad Bunny including inappropriate lyrics. His lyrics also help boost people’s confidence and bring out the more energetic side of people, especially when they are having a bad day. It also reminds them that love is challenging, but could be handled. Not many people notice the good things that a bad bunny does because they only pay attention to the bad language he uses. Although some lyrics can be inappropriate there are some songs that he has released that talks about what real love feels like and how that special can make you feel.” 

While Vanessa Pinales, a senior at the iSchool, could agree more with Janet as she stated, “ I wanna say that Bad Bunny can be a good influence to the world because there are many  things that he’s been advocating for, especially when it comes to Puerto Rico since they recently had a huge outage that was going on.

After reading this article your perspective of Bad Bunny might change or might not. Overall Bad Bunny has done good and bad things in the world. Many might see him as a good person many might not. You decide.