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“Gilmore Girls”: The best fall show?

Gilmore Girls: The best fall show?

ATTENTION: There are spoilers ahead, so if you still haven’t watched “Gilmore Girls” and you want to, I would recommend reading this story once you have watched the show.

You sit down on a cold fall day with a warm blanket and some good food. You turn on your TV and watch “Gilmore Girls”. You see a mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory something Emily (Lorelai’s mother) wished she had with Lorelai.

This show is a good show to watch with your friends and family. The setting is a small town in Connecticut is amazing. The characters are always interesting, which makes the show fun. The plot is always changing which makes it all a perfect show.

Lorelai, a girl with money and opportunity, gets pregnant by her high school boyfriend and gives birth to Rory. Lorelai has never had the warmest of relationships with her mother Emily who wasn’t too happy when she found out Lorelai was pregnant.

Emily’s solution to the recent events was to have Lorelai marry Christopher when she was only 16. Lorelai is her own person who knew she was too young to get married so she didn’t.

Shortly after Rory was born, Lorelai ran away in hopes of a better life for her and Rory. They make it to a town called Stars Hollow with no money and home Lorelai walks into an Inn in hopes to find a job and start her new life. A person who preferred to remain anonymous (Person A) said, “Lorelai shouldn’t have gotten married, she was too young.” Mia, the owner of the Inn, was very generous and gave Lorelai a job as a maid and housed her and Rory in a shed. She adds that “instead of running away she should’ve given Rory opportunities instead of living inside a shed and working as a maid.”

When the show starts Rory is a very smart teenager who dreams of going to Harvard. Her current high school was a very modest school that couldn’t fulfill her educational needs and dreams of going to Harvard

Lorelai hopes to get her into Chilton, a very prestigious private school but doesn’t have the funds to pay for the pricey tuition. With no options left, she goes to her parents whom she doesn’t spend time with except for the occasional Christmas dinner.

They agree to pay for her tuition as long as they come over for dinner every Friday night in hopes of starting a relationship with Lorelai and Rory.

These dinners bring out the worst qualities in Lorelai, while Rory and her grandparents are building a relationship. Lorelai and her parents’ relationships are deteriorating due to Lorelai being very stubborn and independent.

In one instance Rory and Richard (her grandfather) have plans to play golf at the club. Lorelai thinks Rory is going to be extremely bored so she argues with her mother about it. But instead, Rory ends up having a good time and Lorelai gets upset and acts childishly.

Lorelai is one of my least favorite characters because of how childish she acts in many instances. In season 3 Rory gets tricked into an interview at Yale (per her grandfather’s wishes) and comes unprepared. Lorelai is upset about it but doesn’t act too childish until Rory says she applied for Yale. She thinks it is a setup and acts incredibly immature

Another person who prefered to remain annoymous (Person B) said, “The only reason Lorelai wanted Rory to go to Harvard was because she didn’t have that opportunity when she threw it away when she moved out. If she cared about what Rory wanted she wouldn’t have been upset when she applied to Yale”

In season 6 when Rory drops out of Yale because she is upset with what someone thought of her work performance, Lorelai didn’t speak to her because of it, instead talking to her about it rationally. Lorelai missed out on so much of her daughter’s life because of her stubbornness and immaturity. Person A said “Lorelai’s immaturity and Rory’s sensitivity is their worst traits”

Some of the most interesting characters are Lorelai and Rory’s boyfriends. While in high school Rory had a boyfriend named Dean, Dean was the worst boyfriend Rory had ever had. Dean seems like the perfect boyfriend he goes to school dances with Rory and debutante balls that he didn’t want to go to.

After 3 months of dating, Dean tells Rory that he loves her. Rory in utter shock doesn’t say anything. Dean takes offense to what she says and breaks up with her. Rory didn’t deserve this as relationships were new to her and she did not know how to respond.

Another instance was when Rory had to play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Tristan (whom Dean felt threatened by) who played Romeo had to kiss Rory. Dean had gone to every single rehearsal and always fought Tristan in every instance.

When Jess came to Stars Hollow Dean would be very upset if they would hangout as friends. The actors were amazing together Jared Padalecki who played Dean worked so well with Milo Ventimigila who played Jess. They provoked each other very easily and it looked like they were actually mad at each other.

Jess had one of the best character arcs, he started off as an traumatized kid who was angry at the world. He falls in love with a girl who changes everything for him. He messes up everything with her. But he changes his life in hopes to get her back and becomes a better person then he ever was.

Jess deserved another chance with Rory because he changed so much from who he was in highschool. Even without being a boyfriend he was still such a good character.

Lorelai has had many boyfriends and they all met in very different ways. From being her fathers business partner to being her daughter’s teacher. My hot take was that Jason was the best of Lorelai’s boyfriends. They had similar personalities and sense of humor.

I also find it funny how Emily hated Jason because of how much he was like Lorelai. Even joking that they would have been a “match made in heaven” when she didn’t know they were dating. Season 4 would have been boring without Jason.

Luke was one of Lorelai’s worst boyfriends because of how emotionally unavailable he was. He didn’t share his thoughts and feelings, unlike Jason who was very honest about how he felt. Also he was so negative and Lorelai was so positive which made their personalities clash. 

Rory was very spoiled and a hypocrite. For example she was disgusted when Paris was cheating on Jamie with Asher but she was the other woman when Dean and Lindsay were married. She also cheated on all her boyfriends. One time she cheated with Logan (who was engaged) on her boyfriend Paul.

In season 7 Rory wrote a story about how privileged people are not realizing how privileged she was and got into a fight with Logan about it Person B says “Rory was extremely privileged, most kids don’t have $250,000 trust funds from their great grandparents, private school and the ability to frolic around with their grandparents in France for the summer”  Something I liked about Logan was how he put her into her place without hesitation because she is just as privileged as the people she wrote about.

Also she thought she was entitled to her dream fellowship not knowing that there are other people out there who are better than her at journalism. Person A says, “I agree with Lorelai and should have been more realistic about not getting the fellowship.”

This show is great, there is an amazing sense of humor and amazing characters. There is such a good fall and winter mood that makes it enjoyable to watch during that time. It shows an amazing mother daughter relationship and rags to riches story with amazing character arcs. I would recommend it.

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