Cop to lawyer: “License and registration”


Lawyer/Uber driver was pulled over and was restricted from recording the police due to a new supposed law.

Alen Neljkovic, Reporter

Police pulled over a North Carolina lawyer and a part-time Uber driver for driving a man to a drug house on Sunday, February 26th, so he picked up his phone and started recording, an officer told him to stop recording since it’s supposedly against the law.

Jesse Bright, a lawyer and part-time Uber driver has been pulled over by police and he picked up his phone to record. The officer said it was redundant to record the police and Bright responded with the fact that he’s an attorney so he knows the law better than anyone else. The officer moved away and then the other officer stepped in, starting to make conversation with Bright. The video went on for a few minutes and then ended. Nothing happened to Bright.

This video has gained popularity on all social media platforms in order to show yet another civilian’s view on police and their enforcement.

There has been questions as to whether it’s necessary or important to record arrests.

According to Ms. Figueroa, “It is important to have the right to record arrests in case a citizen wants to file a complaint and they do not have proof of their claims. There have been reports of cops abusing their power and if  there is no proof of that, then citizens might feel helpless and maybe to a certain extent like justice has failed them.”

Many wish to exercise their rights as possible.

According to 9th grader Joseph Cabeza, “It’s important because the public can see how of different races react to different types of people, to see the discrimination.”

Lately, the public doesn’t seem satisfied with the help of law enforcement.

There are some issues as to whether the videos are biased.

According to 9th grader Joseph Kallan, “I think they are because if you’re being arrested there has to be evidence of what happened.”

What he means by this is that people need to present an objective video with no bias, so there’s only pure facts being, which can provide more meaningful suggestions as to how to solve any type of problems between law enforcement and people.

The public needs to fulfill their duties as citizens of a country that’s founded on opportunity, freedom, and no discrimination whatsoever. These videos seem to be yet another way of the public doing their moral duty of making this country better. When the public and the people who help protect the public from any danger have a good relationship, then the country will run much smoother.