The Giants need rebuilding and not in one way


Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon after a sack on Jared Goff

Lucas Gray

The New York Giants walk onto the field. Big names like Odell Beckham Jr, Eli Manning, Janoris Jenkins, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Landon Collins are hyped up and ready to win the division holding the name of the Big Blue Giants. The Giants are, 4-time Super Bowl champions, home of legends Lawrence Taylor, Eli Manning, and Michael Strahan.

They are back with one of the scariest defenses in the league, feared by many. Then they are 1-8 halfway through the season and everyone has zero hopes for this team.

The Giants have fallen apart because of the poorly built offensive line, old quarterback, bad running back, bad linebacker core, and old players that are regressing. They have lost players due to injury and suspension, like Odell Beckham, a top 3 wide receiver during the 2016 season, 6 time pro-bowl receiver Brandon Marshall, pro-bowl Safety Janoris Jenkins, top 10 slot receiver Sterling Shepard, and top 20 defensive end Olivier Vernon. From what has been mentioned, the team looks like a mess. The team is a mess, and here are some of my tips for the Giants and how they can “rebuild”.

The New York City G-men, playing football since 1925, having star players like Lawrence Taylor, Eli Manning, Michael Strahan, Harry Carson, Y.A. Tittle, and Mark Bavaro. The G-Men have been the only team to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, not once, but twice. Unfortunately, this season the Giants, who had been Super Bowl prospects, are not doing so well at 1-8

They don’t have the youngest team in the world, but there are some star young players like Odell Beckham Jr., Landon Collins, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram.

Freshman Edward Sherman said, “Good old, good trade-worthy players that the Giants should trade away are Eli Manning, Brandon Marshall, and Janoris Jenkins.”

Eli Manning has done well for the NY Giants, winning two Super Bowls against the G.O.A.T Tom Brady, but he is old and not the same as Eli he used to be.

Brandon Marshall has gone through 4 teams before the NY Giants, and has played for 11 years and is not the same pro bowler as he used to be. Lastly, Janoris Jenkins, the ex-Ram, is still amazing but he is incredible trading material and the Giants could get a good draft pick or player.

Sherman also said, “My dream trade is Janoris Jenkins for a running back that is elusive but strong and young like Jay Ajayi, the Eagles only got Jay for trading material and that is the best thing we could do right now because the Giants need a angelic but strong running back.”

The Giants need to build an offensive line and need an early first round draft pick to do this.  The Giants have zero chance of making it to the playoffs, so they might as well lose as much as they can to get an early draft pick. Mike McGlinchey is a offensive tackle from Notre Dame and looks like a great guy to replace the worst left tackle in the league, Ereck Flowers. Other people like Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah, football analysts, believe that instead of trading Manning, the Giants should replace him with a good first round quarterback like Aaron Rodgers

Sra. Charter a teacher at the NYC iSchool said that the biggest positions the Giants need are “an offensive line to protect Eli”

Freshman Ronald Noel made a very notable point about a way to improve the team: “The Giants need someone who can lead the team someone who doesn’t get into fights or isn’t always reliable, they need a leader.”

Some Giants fans may ask “what about Eli and Odell?”, but Manning isn’t always reliable now as he used to be, and Odell is constantly getting into fights and not showing up to practice. The Giants need a player that is an amazing overall player, a responsible player, a team leader, a play caller, an emotional leader (someone who gets the team hyped and ready for the game), and a captain.

Now rebuilding can not be accomplished in just one year, but it is imperative to start making some major changes like a revamped linebacker core, a new offensive line, a solid running back, and new QB. Some minor changes that can be quickly addressed are getting a big physical receiver in the offseason like Alshon Jeffery or Terrelle Pryor, some younger cornerbacks, and a new free safety.

For the perfect offseason the Giants could trade Eli for a second or first round pick. Trade Janoris Jenkins for Jay Ajayi. Pick up Alshon Jeffery, Trumaine Johnson or Malcolm Butler as free agents. Draft a left tackle in the first round like Mike McGlinchey. Get a quarterback with the pick we got for Eli if it’s a First round pick (like Josh Rosen from UCLA), or if we get a lower pick, ignore QB and start Geno until 2019 and draft a QB then.

This is my opinion on what the Giants need and could do, after the recent loss to the L.A. Rams 51-17 and the 3 and 33 play that they gave up they definitely need to rebuild and fire that Ben Mcadoo. The NY Giants will be back and ready to fight, just give them time.