Rio de Janeiro


Lucas Gray

Rio de Janeiro, the great city of Brazil. It was the host of the 2016 Olympics and is the home of many wonders. My family is from Rio, and I’m proud to show you my favorite places in Rio.

Jardim Botanico, the Botanical Gardens of Rio, is one of the most beautiful sights of Rio. It is like a real rain forest. This photo was taken in its humid but beautiful climate.  It is truly a beauty and a favorite for many tourists to go in Rio.

The Summer Olympics were held in Rio in 2016 and tourists from all over the world went to go see their country compete. This was Maracana Stadium when the Brazilian women’s soccer team played against the Swedish women’s soccer team. (August 16)

The view from the Christ Mountain is absolutely beautiful. You can see the mountain tops, Rio, and  Santa Teresa. Past Santa Teresa is Guanabara Bay.

The view from the Christ Mountain, looking over to the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay. The tourists are trying to get as many photos as possible. To their left there is the very well known Copacabana Beach and Botafogo.

The nature and life in Rio is beautiful. The monkey climbing tree to tree is scavenging for food left around. Monkeys are one of the most common creatures that you can find in Rio.

The nature-filled mountains of Rio are full of valleys and small towns. Driving up to the mountains, you can find sloths, banana trees, monkeys, trees, beautiful fog covering the forest full of living organisms you could never imagine actually seeing, and the trees are full of butterflies of all different colors.

Christ the Redeemer. Rio is a 75% Roman Catholic city, and of course there is a statue of the figure of Catholicism, Jesus Christ. When people think of NYC, they think of the Statue of Liberty. When people think of Rio, they think of the Christ Mountain towering over the City of Rio. At night, beautiful lights shine upon it and allow it to always be visible.

In December of 2015, Rio built “Museu do Amanhã” (The Museum of Tomorrow). The museum of tomorrow is now one of the many sights to see in Rio because of its intricate design. The museum was mostly built for the 2016 Olympics, which is when this photo was actually taken.

This photo is a perfect example of that beautiful fog that makes the forests of the mountains so beautiful.

One not very known place up in the mountains of Rio is Village Le Canton in Teresopolis. This photo was taken in Le Canton, a Swiss family hotel. You can see the pond and the restaurant. The hill that the photo was taken on was right in front of the famous game castle that contains all sorts of family games and arcade games.

Parque Lage is one of the few places that you can embrace the nature of Rio and also see the Christ mountain. Cafe du Lage is where this photo was taken and in the background is the Christ mountain.

Iate Clube is a yatcht club in Rio and is next to Guanabara Bay. Many citizens either eat, swim, fish or just hang out there. This one of the popular clubs in Rio and a great place to go to.

Iate Clube has a playground where many of the small children play, and it is a very peaceful place to just relax and embrace the beauty of Rio.

The Guanabara Bay and The Sugar Loaf mountain is the best view of most apartments in Flamengo, Rio. The Sugar Loaf is a very nature friendly place in Rio with animals like monkeys and butterflies.

Lagoa is a lake located in between Jardim Botânico, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. This shot was taken on the tram ride up to the Christ Mountain. The locations that this photo captures is the most popular places to go to on the East side of Rio.