The truth about planet Earth


Daniel Hung and Adam Kara

The Earth. A planet we have lived on for millions of years. The very society that you inhabit right now. Throughout your lives you’ve believed that the Earth is a globe, or is it?  In our opinion, we have been lied to for hundreds to thousands of years. There exists proof that the earth is not a sphere like its always been interpreted as, but a flat disk in space, with the sun and the moon rotating around it. There is plenty of proof on the Flat Earth Wiki to show all of the evidence of the earth being flat. There is an explanation for every occurrence that we experience every day.

One experiment that helps prove that the earth is really flat is the Bedford Level Experiment in 1838. Flat Earthers placed poles on the 6 mile length of Old Bedford River, Norfolk, England. The experiment was conducted to figure out if someone could see the curvature of the earth to disprove the flat earth theory. Although all 3 poles were visible while at equal heights above the water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Although many people believe that the earth is a sphere, we decided to see what some students and faculty thought about the truth. Ethan Scibelli, a student at NYC iSchool, was asked about the idea of our home being flat, and he stuck with the (in our opinion, misinformed) idea that the earth is round. Ethan said “Because Its a sphere. Because of science, logic, satellite images” when asked why he thinks the Earth is a sphere.. But we disagree.                                                                             The United Nations Logo, a flat Earth.   

 Many people believe that the earth is round but some people support the flat earth theory. One such person is highly educated and uninfluenced by the government. His name is Roy Aguirre and he is a freshman at High School for Fashion Industries. He says “The earth is flat. Is the earth is round than why are maps flat

An anonymous Flat Earther said that “The earth is flat. So listen, I drive from coast to coast and the Earth is flat to me.” He continues to travel around the globe, supporting the flat earth theory.

One person from the iSchool believed that the Earth is round, while the other believed the earth is flat. With hundreds of thousands of Flat Earthers across the globe the flat earth theory is stronger now more than ever. NASA lies about the earth being round because of the little evidence supporting the “round earth” theory. Just look at this logo, that is the United Nations official logo, and what does it have on it? That’s right..Flat earth. It’s all around us people. If you elevate yourself 10 meters, the Earth is flat, 100 meters, flat, even 100,000 meters, the Earth is still flat. Also, look at all of the different NASA images of Earth, they all keep changing all the time. Is that some sort of error, or inconsistent editing to make the earth look round? Hundreds of images have been taken of the antarctic wall surrounding the Earth.

All events can be explained with the flat earth theory. Gravity? There is no gravity. The Earth is just accelerating through space at 9.81 m/s. Different seasons and day lengths? Explained by the suns change in location while rotating around the Earth, getting further away and closer to the Earth’s center every year. There are tons and tons of explanations at the official flat Earth website, And once again, there are flat Earthers ALL around the globe. Head there if you want to be a part of or know more about the flat Earth theory.

In our opinion, the earth is flat. There is no doubt about it. Our restrictive government only supports the round earth theory and continues to spread its lies. Fight the government and support the flat earth theory!