The 2018 draft


Edward Sherman, Writer

The NFL season is over, and the New York Giants have sealed the number 2 draft pick in the upcoming 2018 draft.  It was expected that last year that the Giants would pick up certain skill positions like a new offensive line.  Instead, they decided to pick up Evan Engram, a wide receiver playing in the tight end position, and Dalvin Thompson, a defensive lineman. Davis Webb was added to the team as a quarterback along with Wayne Gallman, a halfback. Avery Moss joined the team in the fifth round and Adam Bisnowaty in the sixth.    

Evan Engram is a great player, but lacks the skill set the Giants need in a tight end. A tight end is usually a tall and large wide receiver that can be used to block and catch the football.  The Giants have a blocking problem. Eli Manning, their starting quarterback, is getting sacked numerous times a game and doesn’t have enough time to throw the ball to an open receiver. If the Giants had picked up a blocking tight end it would make sense but to pick up a tight end that is known to be unable to block is unexpected and disappointing.

Kevin Barry, a freshman, said, “Evan Engram was a bad pick. He didn’t fill an important hole in our roster. That pick could have been spent filling an important hole like quarterback position or the blocking problem.”

The Giants should have picked up an offensive lineman in the first round.  In the first round a team can usually find a good player. Having a good tackle or guard would have increased the chances for the Giants to make the playoffs instead of being the worst team in the NFC East. This year in the top picks the Giants need to pick up an offensive lineman or a mobile quarterback. If they were to pick up a mobile quarterback, it would make the opposing team play that quarterback making their pass rush weaker.

Dalvin Thompson was another incorrect pick. While he’s had a reasonably good rookie year, the Giants didn’t need another pass rusher.  They already have Jason Pierre-Paul on the edge and Damon Harrison in the middle.  Damon Harrison already takes up two blockers, and Jason Pierre-Paul can easily beat a one-on-one match up.  A moderately good free agent would have been able to play as well as Thompson in this scheme.  

This year if the Giants pick up an offensive lineman in the first round, they should pick up a quarterback in the second. Eli Manning has not played well this year and his career seems to be dying off.  

If the Giants do pick up a quarterback, Eli should still start.  If Eli starts, the backup can learn from a two ring Super Bowl champion.  This means his skills would develop learning from a veteran.  

Here’s what Lucas Gray, a freshman at the iSchool, had this to say about the subject: “I think that the Giants should get a quarterback with their second pick. Eli Manning will not be around forever and we need to think about replacements.”

In the third round of last year’s draft the Giants picked up Davis Webb. The third round isn’t the best for quarterbacks as a lot of teams, like the Browns, need a good quarterback.  

In the third round most of the best players in skill positions like half-back, quarterback, wide receiver, and cornerback are gone.  The best lineman aren’t usually picked up in early rounds so the third round is a great opportunity to get a lineman.

The Giants offensive line is terrible so even if they pick an offensive lineman in the first round they should pick another in the third.  

When asked if the Giants should get an offensive lineman in the third round, Lucas Gray said, “Picking up an offensive lineman in the third round would be great.”

Last year the Giants picked up Wayne Gallman as a 4th round pick. Gallman is a half-back. This pick filled that position.  Gallman has had a good year for a rookie and is one of the only good choices the Giants made in 2017.

In the upcoming draft, a free safety would be a good decision for the Giants. The Giants do not currently and historically have a great free safety. If they picked up a good one it would complete their defense.  

In the 5th round of the 2017 draft, the Giants took Avery Moss, a defensive end. Moss had 14 tackles and 1 forced fumble in the whole year of 2017. Moss was their second defensive lineman taken in the draft. Taking Moss in the 5th round isn’t a bad decision, but to take him after taking another defensive lineman in the 2nd round is not a good decision.  

This is a bad decision because the Giants defensive line is filled with star players.  In the second round they picked Dalvin Thompson, a defensive tackle, who has played well.  This leaves the Giants with four good lineman filling four spots.  Avery Moss would be the Giants fifth defensive lineman.  If Moss was amazing he wouldn’t play.  This results in a complete waste of a pick.

If the Giants didn’t want to pick up an o-lineman a linebacker would not be a bad decision. The Giants linebacking core has never been amazing. Apart from Lawrence Taylor, they have not had more than one good linebacker at one time. Currently the only decent linebacker on the Giants is Devon Kennard.  

The Giants should spend their 5th round pick on a middle linebacker. In the past, they have struggled against opponents who throw the ball quickly. With a coverage linebacker covering the middle of the field, it would limit the opposing quarterback. This would result in more sacks, and in turn a greater win percentage.  

In the 6th round of the draft the Giants decided to pick up Adam Bisnowaty, an offensive lineman who rides the bench. While it was good that the Giants picked up an offensive lineman, picking up a benchwarmer doesn’t help the team. Their pick would have been better suited picking up a safety or a tight end. These players would add depth to their roster. In the upcoming draft either a safety or a blocking tight end would be good.  

Thomas Walsh, a freshman at the iSchool, said, ”I don’t see the point in getting an offensive lineman that’s only purpose is to ride the bench.”

In the 6th round the Giants traded their 7th round pick for a pick in the top 10. This was not a good decision because they traded down so that they could pick up a backup o-lineman.  Trading down means trading a player for a better draft pick.  This would result in a pick from the 6th round instead of the 23rd.  

 In the 7th round most of the good prospects are gone, and a team is mainly looking to add depth. Once again either a tight end or a safety would be good.  

The Giants did a poor job drafting last year, hopefully they do better this year.  It will be disappointing if the Giants fail to draft the positions they need and as a result perform badly.

The Giants have hired a new coach, and so hopefully with different guidance will come stronger draft decisions in 2018.