Daily life of a freshman: Ronald Noel

Bethel Berhe, Reporter

Ronald Noel, a freshman at The NYC iSchool shows me what he normally does during his school day. As a new student in a new school, he learns the ropes on how to navigate around the building making his day a lot easier.

Ronald arrives to school early in order to catch up or finish any assignments he didn’t have enough time to do at home.

He’s now in Spanish class, opening up his computer and starting to get settled into class.

After finishing all his morning classes, he heads to the commons.

Ronald catches up with some friends in the commons before heading down to lunch.

He heads to the stairs that lead him to the cafeteria for lunch.

Back from lunch, he heads into Ms. Brown’s room.

He finds his friend Henry, and sits to eat his lunch with him.

After lunch, he quickly goes to his first afternoon class.

He gets to class right before it becomes rush hour in the hallways.

Laughing at something they said, Ronald talks to friends while waiting to enter his next class.

School is finally over and Ronald is already outside.

He starts walking with some friends to the train station.