The 2018 NFL draft


Edward Sherman, Reporter

On April 26, the 2018 NFL draft started.  During this draft there were some unexpected draft picks and the roster of every team changed.  In this article picks 1-5 will only be looked at because they involve the best players and are the most interesting.

The Browns had the 1st pick of this year’s draft. The Browns picked up Baker Mayfield from the University of Oklahoma.  Baker Mayfield is a quarterback who has a cannon of an arm and can move around the pocket.

Cosima Kymissis, a freshman at the iSchool, had this to say about the Browns draft pick: “I’m super surprised the Browns actually had a good draft pick.  Usually they just mess it up.”

Baker Mayfield benefits the Browns because they do not have the best offensive line.  This means their quarterback will be forced into improvised situations, and this is one of Mayfield’s strengths.

The Giants had the second pick of the draft.  The Giants picked Saquon Barkley. Saquon Barkley is a running back from Penn State.  Saquon Barkley has been called a future Hall of Famer and a top-tier running back before he has even stepped foot onto a pro football field.  

This pick is perhaps one of the most impactful picks of the draft and would improve the Giants offense greatly.  The Giants haven’t had much of a running game in the past. This pick develops an extremely important aspect of the game.  If you can successfully run the ball you control the clock. In the past there have been countless games where the Giants have lost because they haven’t been able to manage the clock, so this could change that and result in more wins.  

Toby Kiser, a freshman at the iSchool, said this about Saquon Barkley: “I think Saquon Barkley is a great pick.  He fills a big need in the Giants offense that hasn’t been filled for years. Maybe with this new threat the Giants could win.”

The Jets had the third pick of the NFL draft and they picked Sam Darnold a quarterback from USC.  Sam Darnold is a great pocket passer and has great field vision.

This pick made sense because early in the pre-season the Jets had signed three offensive linemen.  Sam Darnold fits with this scheme because he is a pocket passer and not a scrambling quarterback. The Jets also fired their old offensive line coach which means they may be focusing on this position more.

The Browns also had the fourth pick of the NFL draft, and they picked Denzel Ward. Right before the draft, they traded up in order to get this pick.  Denzel Ward is a cornerback from Ohio State. Cornerbacks do not usually get picked this early in the draft, so this was a strange decision.

However, this decision makes sense with what the Browns focused on before the draft.  Right before the draft they traded for Damarious Randall. They also have Jabrill Peppers playing as a defensive back so getting Denzel Ward completes their trio of cornerbacks.  

The Denver Broncos had the fifth pick of the draft.  With their pick they took Bradley Chubb, a defensive end from NC State.  Bradley Chubb is a great player because he has the build to play defensive end, doesn’t quit during a play, and actively searches to strip the ball.  These skills make him an effective player.

However, Bradley Chubb was a strange pick for the Denver Broncos.  While the Broncos have historically had a great secondary and not the best front four, they currently have five defensive ends not including Chubb. This pick gives them six defensive ends, which may not be productive.  

Lyden Lapensee, a freshman at the iSchool, had this to say about the Broncos draft pick: “I have been a Broncos fan my whole life but I do not like this pick.  I don’t see a need for another defensive end.”

While we will have to wait until next year to see if these picks are good or not, most of these teams had a great first round.  Out of these four teams the Giants seem to have gotten the best player. Saquon Barkley seems to be an all star who could carry the team alongside his teammates.  All of these picks will help each of these teams and could help them make a playoffs run.