On My Block: an underrated Netflix show

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On My Block: an underrated Netflix show

Gabriela Lebron, Reporter

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“On My Block”, One of the newest Netflix Originals, displays the struggles four adolescents face in a poor neighborhood in Los Angeles. It emphasizes  the stereotypes often associated with low-income communities through the lense of four high school students.

Although this show discusses serious issues, it still contains comical elements.  Throughout the season, Jamal, played by Brett Gray, tries to piece together a community mystery. He attempts to find a missing $50,000, with the help of his best friend’s grandmother. This was put into the show as comedic relief.  

Personally, “On My Block” has become one of my favorite shows. I binge watch a lot of shows during my free time, and found that this is one of the most enjoyable ones. This is because it’s relatable and funny. In fact, I watched the entire season in a matter of three days.  

“On My Block” portrays discrimination, gangs, and violence. The four main characters are all people of color. One of them, Cesar, is in a gang against his will. There’s also many outbursts of violence between gangs.  This displays the stereotypical environment of low income towns.

Deva Grumet-Bass, an iSchool junior, recently watched “On My Block” too. Deva “really liked that the cast is very diverse.  [She] also really like[s] that this is a show about high school students that are minorities.” Additionally, Deva appreciates that, “the show is realistic for kids that grow up in communities similar to the show.”

Freshman Mairead Kearns also recently watched “On My Block.” She really enjoyed the show too, managing to watch the whole season in one day. Mairead likes how the show has a lot of plot twists, but maintains a comedic aspect to it too.  

I recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a unique and funny show to watch. I watched this show on my way to school, and it made my commute fly by because I was so invested in all of the character’s relationships.  

The final episode is a cliffhanger and leaves the audience in suspense. I personally was upset that the season didn’t continue, as I was anxious to find out what happens next. And I’m not the only one. Sophomore Olivia Toussaint said she will be watching Season 2 because she wants to know will happen next.