Alma Reiss-Navarre emerges victorious from first congressional debate

Ruby Gower

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New York City

October 11th, 2018

The iSchool’s hotly contested and widely anticipated first debate occurred on the 5th of October, 2018. This debate decides who will run for Congress. There were 5 potential candidates participating, each with strong views about how to improve America today. Each spoke about a variety of issues, including education, gun control, and minority groups. Alma Reiss-Navarre and Andre Eisenberg were the eventual victors of this debate.

Alma Reiss-Navarre emerged victorious as an official candidate running for Congressional Representative. Her positions include protecting the rights of minorities and oppressed groups. She was especially vocal about protecting women from sexual harassment and discrimination. She also spoke about the limitations of vouchers and how she hopes to eliminate them from the school system.“I plan to eliminate vouchers, fund public education, and keep public schools from becoming privatized.”

When asked by an opponent during the debate to explain how she will integrate schools, she had this to say: “I will fight to eliminate racial disparities and class bias in the education system. This links back to my plan to eliminate vouchers and keep schools from becoming privatized.” It became clear over the course of the debate that she was especially focussed on helping the next generation of Americans get access to quality education.

Her opponent, Andre Eisenberg, is also running as a candidate. His positions include solving the “countless issues” in other countries. He has said that he doesn’t align with any particular political party, and is willing to work with all. He spoke generally about changing the state of affairs in America today, and the voting population is eagerly awaiting his specific plans to make this happen.

The next iSchool debate is eagerly anticipated by the candidates and potential voters alike, and will occur in the upcoming weeks. Only time will tell whether Alma or Andre will beat out the competition and become the 2018 Congressional Representative of the iSchool.