Pre-investigation: The iSchool cult

Micah Gomez and Hervin Reyes

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This is the NYC iSchool. A building located in Soho, Manhattan and is currently holding children in it’s chambers from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

There’s definitely a cult at the iSchool.

While it may be common knowledge to us experts, not many other people know about it. So we’re here to tell you all about it.

You may think: How can a seemingly perfect school have a cult? That’s the thing–the perfect nature of this school is simply a facade that must be dug up to reveal its true nature. Longtime award nominee and young investigator, Hervin Reyes and Micah are on the case!

Ms. Leimsider, the assistant principal at the iSchool, gave us some insight into the school’s background, along with information regarding the very first years of the iSchool’s career. The school opened in September 2008, but, the planning for the creation of the school happened a year before. Leimsider says, it was done by Dr. Mary Moss and Alisa Berger who had “designed the curriculum, and were planning on recruiting students and hire staff members,”. This information may seem innocent at first, but many overlook the cult-ish innuendos in it. Simply take a look at the sentence again.

While talking about the first years of the iSchool, Leimsider says, “When we brought in our first ninth graders we only had rooms 501, 502, 503, 505W and Ms. Beck’s office–which used to be mine…” You see according to the years of research we did, cults tend to start small. What else started small? The iSchool.

Even though cults start very small, they grow, sometimes developing imperialistic qualities. This is very similar to how the iSchool grew to take over two floors of the Chelsea Campus Building. Leimsider tells reporters, “When we had tenth and ninth graders we had the entire fifth floor. Eleventh grade, tenth, and ninth–the fifth and half of the fourth floor were the iSchool’s, then when we had all four years, we had the entire two floors…Our student commons used to be the Chelsea gym. They would always look through the window curious as to what these people were doing in their gym? We took over their gym.”

This is a lion, the mascot of the iSchool.

This brings up the question: Are the current students continuing this tradition? Are they aware of the cult?

Oriella Satchell, a sophomore at the iSchool, when asked about the cult, says, “Cult? What cult? Who’s in it?” This is exactly the kind of response of someone who is hiding something–like a cult– by answering questions with questions to avoid saying too much. The interview ended there, Oriella eventually left in a confused fury. This type of behavior, as studies show, is something similar to what could be called, in simpler terms, suspicious.

We needed to dig even deeper. We reached out to Ms.Turso, a new teacher at the iSchool to catch a glimpse of this cult in a new perspective… “I was researching small schools. I liked the way there was flexibility in classes.” Small cults always tend to grab the attention of people. This is the reason why the iSchool’s current freshman class is the largest.

Ms. Turso, on the topic of the students, says, “They are very kind and unique,” Unique sure is a good way to explain this cult. She continues, “Everyone always tries to say good morning to one another each day. It’s sort of like a secret code.” People saying certain sayings is very similar to what else? A cult. Teenage years tend to be the period of time in which people are the moodiest. This definitely contrasts with the environment of the iSchool. Here students actually interact with one another. It might seem crazy but its the truth.

In order to get the full intricacies of the cult within the iSchool stay tuned to iNews to watch our upcoming video where we will dive even deeper into our investigation.