Why Peter Griffin would beat the rock in hand-to-hand combat

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Why Peter Griffin would beat the rock in hand-to-hand combat

Jye Bloome, Copy Editor

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When you think of the ideal male physique, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it tall? Strong? Athletic? Somebody famous for their looks? These are the types of things that usually come to mind for the average person.

However, if you though of any of these things, you would be incorrect. The answer is actually Peter Griffin. Peter Griffin is, and always will be, the perfect example of the ideal male physique.

The world-famous father in the TV show “Family Guy” has the ideal body shape, weight, and height to defeat anybody in hand-to-hand combat. To prove this, we are going to put him up against society’s ideal male physique: Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson.

Here at the iSchool, many students are on the fence. Sophomore Thomas Bajor has a very strong opinion on this. “I am a huge Family Guy fan. I truly believe that Peter Griffin would demolish The Rock with his insanely ripped bod.”

According to Family Guy Wiki, Peter Griffin’s weight is 239 pounds. Although his height is not exactly known, he is roughly 5’7 since Peter is slightly shorter than Quagmire, who is recorded to be 5’8. In the show, Peter’s combat abilities are put to the test by none other than Ernie the Giant Chicken. Peter and Ernie’s ongoing rivalry is a famous one in the Family Guy community. Ernie appears in 18 episodes, some of the more popular being, FG203 “Da Boom,” his first appearance, FG918 “It’s A Trap!” as Boba Fett, and FG1616 “Family Guy Through the Years,” his most recent cameo. His height is estimated to be 5’8 by comparing his height to Peter and although his weight is unknown, the width of Peter and Ernie’s waist seem to be somewhat similar and they have the same body shape. So, one can infer that they are similar in weight.

So, what is so significant about Ernie and Peter’s fights? Peter has never lost against Ernie. If Peter has the ability to beat a chicken who can carry Peter, who weighs 239 lbs, on their back and still hold on to a helicopter as seen in Season 2 Episode 3, he can beat The Rock. Why? Because The Rock is only able to hold onto helicopters using special effects in movies. Plus, The Rock wouldn’t be able to hold 239 lbs on his back while doing so.

Sophomore Chanzlah Julien also said, “Peter Griffin would own the Rock because Peter Griffin has a great fighting stance. Peter also has a big belly, so he can absorb hits. Peter wears a white shirt, which is the same color as paper. And as we all know, paper beats rock.”

Picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2001. He was 28 years old.

However, Peter’s disadvantage is his height. Peter Griffin is estimated to be only 5’7, and The Rock is said to be standing 6’5 260 lbs. Despite The Rock being taller, and having a larger reach on Peter Griffin in a hand-to-hand combat situation, The Rock has been beaten in the past by someone with a smaller wingspan. Who? The infamous John Cena, a man invisible to the human eye, a man named one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, a man standing at 6’1 tall, beat The Rock in a historical WWE match. Taking this into consideration, if we take the studies done that show that one’s wingspan correlates to their height, it would be shown that John Cena has a smaller wingspan than The Rock, yet he still beat him. For this reason, Peter should not be doubted by height and weight against The Rock.

Peter has also taken fatal injuries during episodes. An example of this is in Season 10 Episode 4 when he breaks his neck and falls to the ground, but he appears to be fine for the rest of the episode. He also has many instances when he is put in life or death situations. But, has he ever died? No. No matter the situation, Peter always comes out alive. This could be due to his impeccable fighting skills, survival instincts, or the fact that he is invincible.

Soren Callahan, a sophomore  at the iSchool, said,“I think Peter Griffin would win. Because Peter Griffin is from a cartoon, so he would be able to be punched by The Rock repeatedly and not be hurt. Eventually, The Rock would lose because he would be taking the hits and actually be hurt.” These very wise words from Soren may prove true if Peter Griffin were ever able to fight The Rock. Not because it isn’t physically possible, but because The Rock has declined to ever fight the almighty Peter Griffin.