The egg that cracked and scrambled Instagram

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The egg that cracked and scrambled Instagram

Zoe Kirszner

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Comments, followers, but most of all likes. All everyone seems to want is likes, but how did a plain picture of an egg end up being the most liked picture on Instagram? The absurdity of it seems to be what makes it so funny, and appealing.

The Instagram account named world_record_egg which has one post with the caption, “let’s set a world record together and get the most liked picture on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner. (18 million) we got this.” Somehow it actually worked.

The post was of her announcing her daughter Stormi’s name, and revealing the fact that she was pregnant for the past 9 months. The former most-liked post had 18 million likes.

How do the teenagers of 2019 really feel about the egg? “I think it’s just dumb,” said freshman Charly Vergara, he did not like the photo. I also asked Rene Russo a senior at the iSchool, here is what she had to say. “I think that it brought people together, and at the same time it is funny.” Rene liked the post.

It is important for people to be brought together at a time like this where everybody seems to be divided over everything. This picture brings people together because it is so dumb, so it is hard for this to be controversial.

People like to feel like they are part of a team, and people tend to side with the underdog. A picture of an egg that started out with no platform, and no fan base grew to the most liked picture on Instagram.

This photo shows the infamous egg at its current amount of likes (over 41 million and still growing!)

But why is this egg so popular “In an era of rampant spam, thirst traps, and stolen memes, the egg became popular by straightforwardly asking for likes and nothing else. It is absurd. It’s delightful. It feels righteous, charitable even, to help these accounts amass larger online followings than those of world leaders or members of the Kardashian family.”

The egg is genuine and simple, and it makes you feel like you are part of something bigger, something special. It is easy to feel like your life is simple and unproductive so letting a post start at nothing and grow all the way to the most liked post on Instagram makes you feel special.

Somebody thought of this egg as a joke and they thought to themselves,  I bet it will not actually become the most liked post on Instagram Nobody thought it would. Currently everyone is still in shock, but it is a happy shock.

Although it is clearly dumb, in a world where validation is everything. It’s funny that a little egg beat the odds. It puts Instagram to shame by making a joke out of it. It helps us to take things a little less seriously.

However, with fame comes fakes. Multiple face accounts have been created. The egg addressed this by saying “there are so many people claiming to be behind the egg. Please do not be fooled. This is the official account. Any personal accounts claiming to be the egg as their own are frauds.” There have also been many new accounts trying to break the world record. But we all know the egg is king.

“On behalf of America’s egg farmers, The Incredible Egg is thrilled to see the egg get the recognition it deserves,” American Egg Board CEO Anne Alonzo said in a statement. “We always knew eggs were incredible… now the world has confirmed it.” The egg is nothing but a reason to smile unless you are Kylie Jenner.

Kylie posted a video on her Instagram of her frying an egg on concrete with the caption, “take that little egg.” Even she thought the whole meme was funny. This seems to be one of the least controversial topics in the news.

Many major networks have written about it such as Wired, business insider, esquire, and even cnn. This egg is light-hearted, fun , and innocent. It is impossible to hate this egg because it is just so funny.

All this egg does is bring people together. It makes everybody happy and exited. This egg represents unity, and togetherness at a time of such division in the united states today. The egg is pure, happy and fun. Iti’s a good distraction from the world. And it makes likes, and comments seem trivial and less important in a time where that is worth everything.