Sunset saga

Lila Wolk

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Sunrise and sunset are the best times to take photos. The sun filtering through the trees or reflecting off water. The sky turning all different colors. It an be truly beautiful, but taking a good photo to capture it is tricky. Here are some examples of good sunset photos and explanations of how I took them.

This was taken in Warren, RI, near my grandparents house. This was taken on an iPhone camera, and I focused on background instead of foreground, making the trees seem fuzzier.

This was taken in the same place, but a different time. In this photo, the sun was still visible, so I made sure the camera focused on it.

This one was not my best, but I really like the imperfections of it. It was taking while I was in a car. Taking car photos is tricky, because the car is obviously in motion, but if you focus on the color enough, it can actually be really interesting.

This sunrise photo was taken on a Nikon camera in Long Island. This photo I like a lot, because the sun is the main focus. When the sky is blue and you take a sun photo, the focus is on the brightness of it, not the colored sky.

The was taken in Providence, and my uncle who really likes photography suggested I take it. This was taken around midday when the sun was about to start going down. The important thing to remember when taking a photo like this is to make sure your camera lens is focused on the sun, because it casts a really nice shadow.

This was taken in the Berkshires on a dock. What I did here was focus on the water, because without it, you wouldn’t have the clear reflection.

This was when I was flying back from Florida, and the sun was rising. I consider myself well-versed in the art of plane photos, but this one was one of my favorites. The sun was shrouded in clouds, so when I focused my camera on it, it wasn’t overwhelming.

I hope these photos were helpful, and hopefully you can take some of your own with this tricks!