A walk through West Chelsea

Zoe Kirszner

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Chelsea is a beautiful neighborhood filled with gorgeous architecture, art, shopping and so much more! This is what you see on a walk through west Chelsea.

This shows a view from 9th avenue next too Chelsea market. you can see the Hudson river in the distance.


This picture shows a little park on the Hudson. You can see how the sun sets on the Hudson.


This image is of 19th street undergoing construction. Chelsea is constantly under construction to improve it.

This picture shows some of Chelsea’s amazing architecture. This shows a crowded street. Chelsea is a major biking neighborhood as you can see from the bike lane.


This picture shows a crowded street. Chelsea’s traffic consists of many cars coming in to the city from New Jersey.

This picture shows the Hudson river view from 10th avenue.


This shows the High line. The High line is an old train track that they turned into a park/walkway.


This picture shows Artichoke Pizza. That is a very famous pizzeria and a tourist trap.


This shows Chelsea’s modern architecture and in the distance you can see a new development called Hudson Yards. Which is a good new addition to the once vacant west 30’s


This is a view from the Highline of some of Chelsea’s historical architecture.


This picture shows Chelsea market, a very popular tourist destination.


This is a view from a roof in west Chelsea.