Maia Turman Cooke


Sebastian (Bash) Becker

Lucas (Luke) Mercer



Thick grassy area

[The afternoon after LUCAS and SEBASTIAN had gotten intoxicated the night before.]


SEBASTIAN: Yo, Luke. Wake up bro. S–t I don’t even know where we are. Luke wake up.

[SEBASTIAN continues to stare at Lucas, who is still sleeping. Sebastian then slaps LUCAS in the face.]

LUCAS: What the hell Sebastian. Damn, I’m just trying to take a nap.

SEBASTIAN: Ok, next time we’re in the woods, I’ll let you take your nap. But right now, we need to get up, and figure out where the hell we are.

LUCAS: S–t, where are we? My mom is probably freaking out right now.

SEBASTIAN: Oh grow up Luke, you act like every time you do something bad, the world is gonna end. You only live once in this damn world, might as well live it to the fullest.

LUCAS: Well, I’m sorry I’m trying to act responsible. I should have never hung out with you in the first place. Every single time I hang out with you, you always want to get drunk.

[SEBASTIAN doesn’t respond]

LUCAS: Look man, I love ya. But in two weeks we are going to be seniors and then we go off to college. You can’t keep drinking yourself to death.

SEBASTIAN: You’re not my father, so don’t tell me what to do.

LUCAS: You know what, I’m tired of you. Were both drunk and lost so let’s just find out where we are.

[LUCAS and SEBASTIAN both stand up, and swipe all the dirt away on their clothes. They both start walking forward and neither of them say one word to each other.]

SEBASTIAN: Ok, man look I’m sorry I’m not your goody two shoes, I’m sorry that I’m not Mr. Perfect, I’m sorry that I don’t have my mommy and daddy to clean up all of my messes for me, and I’m definitely most sorry that I don’t have my little Ms. Perfect girlfriend next to me.

[LUCAS walks up to SEBASTIAN and punches him in the face. SEBASTIAN’S nose begins to bleed.]

SEBASTIAN: God, what the hell Lucas? It was just a joke, don’t take everything so seriously.

LUCAS: Everything is just some joke to you Sebastian, you think your whole life is a joke. How about you grow up and figure out where you want to go for college. I’m sorry that I’m too “goody two shoes” for you, but at least I worry about my future.

SEBASTIAN: You know what, I should have never asked you to come hang out with me. Every damn time you just judge the choices I make. I don’t need another father who is disappointed me. Ok?

LUCAS: You think I need another friend who is a bad influence to me? You’re my brother and I love you like one. Every single time I hang out with you, it’s either getting drunk or high. My mom even worries for me every time I hang out with you, because she knows all the s–t you do.

[SEBASTIAN doesn’t respond]

LUCAS: Once we graduate, I’m leaving this town for good, and I want you to leave with me. You might be lost right now. But since we were 8 years old we have done everything together. So I’m asking you to get your shit together this year, and leave this toxic a– town with me.

SEBASTIAN: I’ll think about it.

LUCAS: [rolls his eyes] Your a pain in the a–.

SEBASTIAN: How about we find wherever the hell we are, and then I’ll give you an answer. Deal?

LUCAS: Deal.

[LUCAS and SEBASTIAN start walking hoping they will find their way out of the woods]

SEBASTIAN: Why are you so worried about me now?

LUCAS: What do you mean “now”? I have been worried about you as soon as you started drinking freshman year.

SEBASTIAN: Didn’t seem like you cared junior year. You had all your eyes on your girlfriend. What’s her name? Oh right! Miss. Little Perfect Mila.

LUCAS: Dude, shut up. My junior year wasn’t all about Mila- it never was.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah it was. All I know is that last year I needed my brother and you weren’t around to be mine.

LUCAS: Stop being a jerk. If you really needed me why didn’t you just be a man and call me about it.

SEBASTIAN: I didn’t call you because every single minute of the day you were with Mila.

LUCAS: Well you won’t have to worry about it this year because I broke up with her last week.

SEBASTIAN: [applauds] Wow you finally acted like a man. You seemed heads over heels with that girl. Why’d you do it?

LUCAS: You were right. I was avoiding you last year. Mila kept telling me that if people see me hanging out with you it will ruin mine and her reputation. And I listened to her. I left you and I know that was a hard year since your mom left you.

SEBASTIAN: So you knew that my mom left and you couldn’t even contact me, not even a text.

LUCAS: I know. I really messed up last year. And I’m sorry.

SEBASTIAN: Let’s just forget about junior year. All last year I got the pity talk because the whole town knew my mom left.

LUCAS: I know your mom left and all, but you knew very well that colleges were looking at our junior year grades. And looking at you during class did not seem like you cared one bit.

SEBASTIAN: Because I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. I like the way my life is now, why do I need to make it more any different.

LUCAS: This whole time, I thought you were flunking out because you didn’t care, but really you’re just scared for change. Once we graduate everything will change and you are scared.

[SEBASTIAN doesn’t respond]

LUCAS: Look you don’t have to say I’m right because I already know it. But honestly every single damn person in this town is scared for change. They just don’t show it. We’re seniors in two weeks so you better get your s–t together so we can get the hell out of this town.

SEBASTIAN: Luke, if I wanted a pep talk from you I would have hung out with my dad instead of you. And I’m definitely not afraid of change. I wanted to leave this town since I was 12. The truth is, I’m scared to leave my dad. My mom didn’t just leave me, she also left my dad. If I leave my dad, I will be just like my mom.

[LUCAS doesn’t respond]

SEBASTIAN: I loved you since day one, but your whole life you have gotten things handed to you. For me, I had to fight for every single thing in my life. My mom cares about drugs more than her own husband and kid that she left us for good. How is that supposed to make me feel? I definitely don’t feel good, I feel like s–t. I’m just disappointing my father every single day.

[SEBASTIAN begins to cry and LUCAS goes up to him and hugs him]

LUCAS: Damn it, s–t. I shoulda been by your side. I was too busy worrying about my damn reputation. I didn’t even care to notice my brother.

SEBASTIAN: Ok, I’m done being a little wuss now. Stop hugging me.

[SEBASTIAN and LUCAS pull apart from each other]

SEBASTIAN: We both made a lot of mistakes last year, and now we can learn from them and move on.

LUCAS: Did Sebastian just give me actual advice?

SEBASTIAN: [shoves LUCAS and laughs] Shut up.

LUCAS: Oh crap, it’s getting dark. We might have to find some shelter.

SEBASTIAN: Hell no. We are both going to our houses by tonight.

LUCAS: Then less talking more moving.

[LUCAS and SEBASTIAN continue on walking]

LUCAS: Bash. I know your dad. I know he can be tough on you especially after your mom left. But your dad always wants the best for you. So I’m sure he won’t see you going to college as you leaving him.


LUCAS: Huh, What did you say?

SEBASTIAN: Shut up you know what I said.

LUCAS: No I didn’t. I want you to tell me exactly what your going to do as soon as we get the hell out of this place.

SEBASTIAN: Fine I will talk to my dad about college.

[LUCAS runs up ahead]

LUCAS: Bash, hurry up! I see lights.

[SEBASTIAN and LUCAS run as fast as they can until they get closer and closer to the lights. As soon as SEBASTIAN and LUCAS find out where they are, they burst out laughing]

SEBASTIAN: This whole time we were in the backyard of your house.

LUCAS: God, how drunk were we?

SEBASTIAN: Pretty damn drunk. But at least we made it.

LUCAS: Bro, I got to head inside my mom is probably freaking out wondering where I am right now.

SEBASTIAN: It’s all good. Thanks for today I really needed someone to talk some sense into me.

LUCAS: Yeah we’re brothers for life, and we stick out for each other no matter how rough it gets.

SEBASTIAN: Yeah, brothers for life.

LUCAS: I’ll catch you later Bash. I’ll call you later tonight.

[LUCAS and SEBASTIAN hug each other goodbye.]

SEBASTIAN: See you later bro.

[And for once SEBASTIAN walks back home with a beaming smile across his face.]