NYC famous hangout spots!


The Apple store near Central Park

Romello Hemphill

Students at the NYC iSchool love to spend extra hours outside in the most famous parts of New York, including Soho.

There are a variety of places to hang out around the iSchool, and some of the most common places discussed are restaurants, museums or even just walking down the street hanging out. But you rarely hear people talking about what the majority of teenagers truly do.

Most of the time teenagers like to hang out in popular stores.

10th grader Izabella Orozco had a lot to say about the NYC iSchool neighborhood. “You know me personally I like to hang out at Sonos with Tobie Kiser a 10th grader, Lyden Lapensee who also is in 10 grade and jaylyn Padilla a 10th grader sometimes but not all the time because it tends to get really packed with other students from other schools going there.”

Going back a couple of years, the number 1 most visited place in New York City was Central Park with on average 25 million people visiting each year. Especially on nice beautiful days, the number rate would increase. But in this current year 2019, things have changed.

A survey was distributed throughout the  NYC iSchool to see where most of the people like to hang out in the neighborhood, and the 4 options were Soho Square, Playground/ Park near school, Dunkin Donuts near Canal St., and Spring Street Park. These were the results: 57.1 % of the school preferred to hang out at the Spring Street Park, 21.4% said they would hang out at the Dunkin Donuts near Canal St, and 14.3% said the playground nearby, and 7.1% said Soho Square.

iSchool students prefer to hang out at the park because it was newly renovated just a couple of months ago. One source, who didn’t want to be named, said that “ a lot of people would go to the park to eat lunch, play games and just act like normal children would. And since there’s a lot of stores nearby it’s very accessible for us to move around. ”

Another reason for the kids hanging out in front of the school the majority of the time is because during lunch, especially when all of the grades in the school  are released, that can cause a lot of congestion when everyone is trying to get back inside so they would wait outside be the first ones to get in before the whole crowd shows up which seemed really surprising. 9th grader Piper Demartino said, “ yea, I mean that’s one of the main reasons I hang out in front of the school after I get my food because 5 mins before lunch is over everyone likes to come in and it gets pretty congested.”

After school, people aren’t allowed to hang out in front of the school, but the majority of the students go to various different parts around the city. The most visited place is Sonos and the Apple store, which is only a couple of blocks away.

“The main reason why I myself like to hang out by Sonos is because we’re allowed to play our music loud and sit down and just chill most of the time,” Sabrina Colon, a freshman, said.

A little more background research shows that the Upper West Side is a very common neighborhood for New Yorkers to hang out and Central Park is right nearby, so there’s easy access. One article Where to drink on the Upper West Side mentioned “ Vanguard is one of the best first-date spots on the Upper West Side. It’s a big French wine bar, and even on weeknights it gets pretty full of couples talking about their siblings and where they went to college. That said, it’s equally good for a drink with a few coworkers or catch-up with a friend. Just be aware that the whole place might smell like truffles since they serve various truffle- and non-truffle-related snacks..”

This would be a great spot for teachers, especially after a long day of work to hang out and enjoy the nice sunset as they have a relaxing drink in their hands. Soho NYC  neighborhood guide provided excellent areas for everyone to hang out at. “you can grab a coffee and a pastry from one of the many Instagrammable cafes and eateries packed into the downtown nabe. But don’t write off Soho as a mere urban shopping mall. Though many of the art galleries that made Soho New York a contemporary-art hot spot in the 1970s and ’80s decamped to Chelsea and the Lower East Side, some excellent art spaces remain. Walk along the cobblestone streets and find great New York restaurants, bars and things to do in this downtown neighborhood.”

New York City has some of the best areas to hang out around the school and just in general around the whole entire city. Make sure you stop by and check them out!