The New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees

Luke Braverman and Thomas Walsh

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The New York Yankees, a MLB (Major League Baseball) team, was founded on January 9, 1903 in Baltimore, Maryland. The League later moved to New York. When the Yankees moved to New York, they were called the New York Highlanders. From that name they became the New York Yankees. The 1903 roster consisted of 28 players. Specifically, it had 11 pitchers, four catchers, nine infielders, and four outfielders. The Yankees compete as a member of the American League East division. Their home field is located in the Bronx, New York.   

In 1903 the Boston Americans, who are now the Boston Red Sox, won the first ever world series. They ended the season with 91-47 record. They would then go on to be one of the best teams in baseball over the next 15 years, recording 12 winning seasons, five division titles and taking home five World Series. In 1919, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sold his star player Babe Ruth to the Yankees, which was followed by an 86 year period in which the Red Sox did not win a World Series.

This led to the popularization of a superstition known as the “Curse of the Bambino” which was one of the most well known aspects of the rivalry. August 1, 1973 may have marked the beginning of Yankee fans hatred towards the Red Sox, beginning with catcher Carlton Fisk from the Sox. It was a 2-2 game in the top of the ninth inning, when Yankee catcher Thurman Munson, expecting a suicide squeeze, took off from third, attempting to score the go-ahead run. Gene Michael whiffed on the bunt and Munson lowered his right shoulder into the mask of Sox catcher Carlton Fisk. Benches cleared and an all out brawl where punches were thrown and the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry took an even worse turn.

It is complicated to name the top ten players on the Yankees of all time. However, statistically there is a top ten. Coming in at number ten is Alex Rodriguez. He played third base from 2004-2016. He has won two MVP awards and two American League home run titles since he has been in New York. He was the first player since Babe Ruth to hit his 600th career home run as a Yankee. Rodriguez had 18 RBI’s in the 2009 postseason are a franchise record and A-Rod would have to be considered the top third baseman in Yankees history and he finished his career with 696 home runs.

The ninth best Yankee was Bill Dicky. He was a catcher from 1928-1946, He was the only one in the American League history to have caught at least 100 games in 13 consecutive seasons. Dickey also hit better than .300 in 11 seasons for a .313 career average. He had more than 20 home runs and 100 RBIs in four consecutive seasons and was the Yankees catcher for seven world championships.

Number eight is Whitey Ford. He was a pitcher from 1950-1967. He pitched Game 1 of the Fall Classic eight times, more than anyone else. Set a host of World Series records, including 33.2 consecutive scoreless innings. Holds Yankees records for starts, innings, wins, strikeouts and shutouts.

In number seven is Mariano Rivera. He was a closer from 1995-2013. He holds the MLB record with 652 career saves and his 42 postseason saves, 11 of which came in the World Series which are both major-league records and 0.70 ERA. His career ERA of 2.23 is second among pitchers with 1,000 innings or more since it became an official statistic in 1912. However all of that is very impressive he will be best remembered for his five World Series rings.

“My favorite team is the Yankees. I especially like Derek Jeter,” said Sabrina Colon, the iSchool freshmen. “He was one of the best that ever played. He is definitely in my top ten list of Yankees players. His hitting was just great and he was amazing at shortstop.”

Therefore, entering the top 10 at number six is Derek Jeter. He played shortstop from 1995-2014. He was the team’s captain and won rookie of the year in 1996. His 3,465 career hits ranks sixth all-time. He also is the franchise leader in games played, at-bats, doubles, steals and the strikeouts. He is a World Series MVP, an 14-time All-Star and five-time Gold Glove winner.

At number five is Yogi Berra. He played catcher and outfield from 1946-1965. He won 10 World Series and 14 pennants, was a three-time MVP and an All-Star for 15 consecutive years. His 306 home runs as a catcher are a Yankees record. He also managed the Yankees to the 1964 World Series and was a coach on the 1977 and 1978 championship teams.

At number four is Mickey Mantle. He was a center fielder from 1951-1968. Through the years, there was more emphasis on how good Mantle could have been had he not been injured at the end of his rookie season and had he taken better care of himself. he was a 20-time All-Star, Triple Crown winner and three-time MVP who hit a record 18 World Series home runs.

At number three is Lou Gehrig. He was played first base from 1923-1939. In his lifetime he had a .340 batting average and 493 home runs. He hit .361 with 10 homers in seven World Series.

In second place in the top ten is Joe Dimaggio. He played centerfield from 1936-1951. His 56-game hitting streak in 1941 remains the golden standard. The Hall of Famer led the Yankees to nine world championships in his 13 seasons.

In second place in the top ten is Joe Dimaggio. He played centerfield from 1936-1951. His 56-game hitting streak in 1941 remains the golden standard. The Hall of Famer led the Yankees to nine world championships in his 13 seasons.

In first place is probably the most well known player, Babe Ruth. However he is number one he was not the best Yankee ever. He played right field from 1920-1934. He hit 60 home runs in 1927, when no other American League team had that many. He essentially created baseball as a mainstream American pastime, basically building the Yankees and Yankee Stadium along the way.

“Babe Ruth was one of the more overrated players of all time. People constantly make a big deal about how babe ruth is the best ballplayer of all time, but I beg to differ. I think the best player of all time will have to be someone who played after the 1960s, because not only has baseball changed so much, but the quality and talent of ballplayers has changed a lot. Ruth could swing really well, could pitch really well and was one of the main duel-players of the 20th century. Ruth was also not the greatest teammate, he was often disrespectful to his teammates, he went out drinking a lot and Miller Huggins, the coach of the Yankees at the time, didn’t really like this,” said Zachary Kaplan.

The Yankees 2019 season lineup rotation is a new one compared to all the previous years. Out of all nine positions on the field, every positions rotation has changed. The first base rotation order is Luke Voit, Greg Bird and then finally DJ LeMahieu. Second base rotation is G. Torres, DJ. LeMahieu, and T. Wade. Third base rotation is M. Andujar, DJ. LeMahieu, and T. Wade. The pitcher is L. Severino, J. Paxton, M. Tanaka, J. Happ, and C. Sabathia. Catcher rotation is G. Sanchez, A. Romine, and K. Higashioka. The rotation for shortstop is T. Tulowitzki, D. Gregorius, and G. Torres. Left field rotation is B. Gardner, G. Stanton, C. Frazier, and T. Wade. The rotation for right field is A. Judge, G. Stanton, C. Frazier, and T. Wade. The center field rotation is A. Hicks, B. Gardner, C. Frazier, and A. Judge. The designated hitter is Giancarlo Stanton and below unlikely rotating with him is the catcher Gary Sanchez. The way for one player to take someone else’s starter spot is if the person in the rotation above them get injured or suspended.

However, Luis Severino is injured with right rotator cuff inflammation and his return is still to be determined. He has been shut down for two weeks and it is highly unlikely for him to return opening day of the 2019 season. “Currently the Yankees are not performing as well as I would like and I fear that might be because Luis Severino is injured,” said Chaika Duruaku the iSchool freshmen. “He is going to be out for a month and that is not good for the Yankees because he is their star pitcher.”

The Yankees have won 27 total world series with the most recent one being in 2009 and their first one in 1923. The 2009 World Series was between the Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies. The Yankees won the series 4-2 taking another ring. The Yankees took the loss the first game 6-1, but then evened out the score by taking the second game 3-1. The Yankees then took the next two games by three points each putting the series record at 3-1. If the Yankees won game five then the whole thing would be over, but the Phillies took the win holding off the Yankees from winning another ring for at least one more game. However, the Phillies could not hold the Yankees for long because the Yankees took game 5 setting the series record at 4-2 winning their 27th world series, getting their 27th ring.

“The Yankees are one of the best teams that have ever played the sport baseball,” said freshman Julian Vasquez. “They have been winning world series’ for as long as I can remember. They have won 27 [World Series’]…If you ask me or anyone else that is pretty amazing.”

The Yankees have been one of the best performing teams in MLB history, with the most World Series wins out of any team. There have been amazing players throughout the history of the Yankees, and they have also had lots of ups and downs throughout the years. Some of the Yankee greats have stayed to help out the young players become some of the best. For example, George Steinbrenner was “The Boss” when he was the head of the Yankees organization for 1973 to 2010. When he passed away, he placed the ownership to his son Hal Steinbrenner.

Aaron Judge, right fielder for the Yankees, is showing lots of improvement from last year according to cbssports. Judge has been hitting very well in spring training.

Aaron Judge at bat versus the Baltimore Orioles.

According to Danny, “The Yankees bullpen is the best in the league and got even better when adding Adam Ottavino.” Looking forward in the Yankees 2019 season the line up has many different options. The first five in the Yankees lineup have some options according to sophomore Danny. “ Judge batting second, Andujar third and Stanton batting clean.”

The Yankees 2019 spring training has been going very well. In spring training there are two leagues. The first is called the Grapefruit League and the Cactus League. The Yankees are currently in third place in the Grapefruit League with eight wins and six losses for spring training. Their home field record is 5-2 and their away record is 3-4. Sadly in the process, two players have been injured. Those two players are Aaron Hicks, and Luis Severino. Hicks appeared to be slightly injured after beating out a potential double play ball in the third inning, with cameras catching him wincing in pain as he returned to first base. Hicks was out of the game an inning later and was replaced in center field by Brett Gardner. He was complaining about a tight hamstring. Aaron Hicks was due for a doctors appointment Monday, March 11 where he got an MRI. Luis Severino has been diagnosed with a mild strain of his right triceps, which landed him on the 15-day disabled list. Although Boston fans would definitely be sad about the fact they the Boston Red Sox are in last place in the Grapefruit League with six wins and ten losses, Yankees fans are thrilled with that fact since they are rivals.

The Yankees have picked up lots of good players during the offseason and through this current spring training to build a better team, vying to get that number one spot. The Yankees are also trying to make an all star team lineup and bullpen. As of now the Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball, as per the MLB.

According to sophomore Danny Ottaviano, “when the Yankees core four, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera were on the Yankees, that’s when the team was at its best.”