Will he stay in Boston?

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Will he stay in Boston?

Western Conference teams

Western Conference teams

Western Conference teams

Western Conference teams

Keirnan Catley, Writer

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One of the most valuable players the Celtics have at the moment is looking like he will resign to Boston next year, but it’s looking like maybe he won’t.

That player is Kyrie Irving, a valuable player for the Boston Celtics who may take his team to the NBA finals of 2019.

People started to think that since Kyrie Irving is a free agent, maybe he will want to be traded or sign to a another team.

There is lots of drama about who is going to win the NBA finals and lots of controversy about if certain players will leave or if certain players will stay.

DJ Catley states that he believes that Boston will take the chip. “Boston will win the NBA finals. One of the reasons is that they have Kyrie Irving as well as 4 other players that can easily get 20 points any given night: Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris and Jayson Tatum. They also have Marcus Smart, a premier lockdown defender and great  offensive player. Finally, they have a bench that can outscore other benches and took arguably the best player of all time Lebron James to a 7 game series in the eastern conference last year without 2 of their best players and almost won.”

Oliver Uchitelle, a student that goes to Millennium Brooklyn High School, stated the following  about who he thinks will take the NBA finals

“The Rockets will take the chip because the Rockets have Chris Paul.”

Uchitelle also states that the Rockets have James Harden, an amazing shooting guard who lead the Rockets to victory. ”Harden is unguardable, he makes good passes and draws amazing fouls.”

Furthermore, Uchitelle thinks the Celtics could also win the championship. He states that ” The Celtics can also win because of the fact they have AL Horford  because he can space the floor and also shoot the ball very well.”

He states that ”Jayson Tatum can additionally  drive, shoot and defend very well and Kyrie in addition has very good court vision and a great shot along with Hayward who can score when needed.”

Luca Nicosia , an iSchool junior, states that Oklahoma City (OKC) could win the NBA finals as well. He comments,“OKC has a potential MVP and DPOY in Paul George, along with Steven Adams, who is a great rebounder…Dennis Schroeder [is] a really good six man.”

Brandon Sanchez, an iSchool freshman, added, “The Nets will win.” However, as he is a big Nets fan, it is likely he is not looking at this objectively.

Records on how well the teams are doing also play a part in what teams will make it to the Finals. Below is a list of teams and their records. The numbers to the right of each team indicate how many wins and losses they have. If a team has the number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 in front of their name, it means they are currently in line for a playoff seed, and the number is what they currently have at the moment

If there is no number in front of the team name that means they are not in the playoffs but still have a possibility to get in.

The Eastern Conference are the following teams

  1. Boston Celtics 37-24

New York Knicks 13-48

Atlanta Hawks 20-41

2.Toronto Raptors 45-17

Milwaukee Bucks 53-19

  1. Brooklyn Nets 32-30
  2. Philadelphia 76ers 39-20                                               
  3. Charlotte Hornets 28-32
  4. Indiana Pacers 40-21
  5. Detroit Pistons 29-30

Orlando Magic 28-34

Washington Wizards 24-36

Cleveland Cavaliers 14-47

Chicago Bulls 16-45


Teams in the playoffs by seed in the East are the following teams:

  1. The Milwaukee Bucks
  2. Toronto Raptors
  3. Indiana Pacers
  4. Philadelphia 76ers
  5. Boston Celtics
  6. Brooklyn Nets
  7. Detroit Pistons
  8. Charlotte Hornets

Western Conference teams are the following. Just like the Eastern Conference, if the following numbers are next to the team it means  they are in for the playoffs, and the number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8 represents the team’s seed. Information from www.espn.com

  1. Golden state Warriors 43-18
  2. Denver Nuggets 42-18
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder 38-22
  4. Portland Trail Blazers 38-23
  5. Houston Rockets 36-25
  6. Utah Jazz 36-25
  7. San Antonio Spurs 34-29
  8. LA Clippers 34-29

Sacramento Kings 31-30

LA Lakers 30-31

Minnesota Timberwolves 29-32

Dallas Mavericks 27-34

New Orleans Pelicans 27-36

Memphis Grizzlies 24-39

Phoenix Suns 12-20

The following teams have clutched the seed in the Western Conference:

Golden State

Denver Nuggets

Oklahoma City Thunder

Portland Trail Blazers

Houston Rockets

Utah Jazz

San Antonio Spurs

La Clippers

Along with these teams, there has been controversy over if Kyrie Irving will stay in Boston. Evidence from www.nbcsports.com an article states that Kyrie will not stay at Boston simply because of money. “ Kyrie made it clear that an extension between him and the Celtics was not in the cards, and the reason is pretty simple: money.”

The article also states that Kyrie will be with the Celtics for a long term future. “ Here a look at five reason why Irving will spend is long term future will with the Boston Celtics.”

An article from ESPN states a video that states Kyrie will sign back to Boston Kyrie states that “ I plan on resigning here next year.”

However, lots of controversy has been going on about whether or not Kyrie will stay. People still think that Kyrie will leave even though he said he would not.

“Things change states,” Jesse Kobango , an iSchool freshman about the topic.

Even though Kyrie states he will stay in Boston next year “ I plan on resigning here next year.” Kyrie stated.