Love in Philly

Fatima Moreira

Ricky had been looking for love since he started realizing that he liked girls. He is a dark handsome teen with dark brown eyes, curly hair, and a great but quiet personality. One of his biggest dreams was to fall in love with a beautiful, smart, and independent women who will love, care, and cherish him. Ricky lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn with his mother all his life until he was 16. His parents agreed on making him move to Philadelphia with his father right when he turned 16.

“Do I have to move to PA with dad?” said Ricky. “I want to stay here with you, this is where all my friends and family live… I don’t want to leave, please let me stay.”

“You have to finish high school over there and then you can come back to live with me when you’re done,” said Ricky’s mom.

Ricky really didn’t want to move. He had his friends in New York, and he enjoyed living with his mother, especially since he was his mother’s only child. Unfortunately, Ricky ended up moving to Philadelphia.
When Ricky moved, he went to a high school near his new home. When he arrived to the school, he didn’t have any friends, but Naomi instantly spotted him. Naomi was a junior just like him and she was just a few months younger than him. She’s about 5’2 in height, with beautiful light brown eyes, long kinky hair; and beautiful dark skin.

Ricky and Naomi started hanging out a lot and they started off as friends. They didn’t really take their time in getting to know each other more at a deeper level so they basically rushed through everything. Ricky and Naomi finally got together and made it official. They were so happy together and everything was going well so far.

“I honestly don’t regret coming to Philly, you make me so happy,” said Ricky.

“I’m so happy that I finally met someone that I’m in love with,” said Naomi to Ricky.

Right when the quarter changed in school, they were put in different classes. Naomi’s ex boyfriend was in the same class as her, and Ricky didn’t like that at all. Ricky started noticing that they were spending a lot of time together. One day, Ricky saw Naomi with him and they were giggling together in a really playful way. Then, Austin put his arm around Naomi.

“Why are you touching my girl?”said Ricky. “Naomi, why are you with him?Are you cheating on me?”

“No! I’m not cheating on you. Austin was just telling me a joke,”said Naomi.

Ricky didn’t like seeing Naomi with her ex and as much as he tried to shrug it off, he couldn’t.

Ever since Ricky saw Naomi and Austin together things started to get a little rocky. Ricky didn’t want to say anything again because he really loved Naomi, but he decided to say something a day before their 5 month anniversary.

“We should take a break,” said Ricky.

Naomi didn’t really want to take a break because she “loved” Ricky so much, but even if she didn’t want to take a break she knew it was for the better.

Ricky and Naomi took a break, and while they were taking a break Naomi was sleeping with Austin while still talking to Ricky and telling him that she loved him everyday.

Ricky didn’t know that Naomi was doing things with Austin until he checked her phone.

“Is this Austin?” Ricky said. “Why are you telling Austin all these things… Did you sleep with him?”

“I only slept with him once and it was to get revenge, since you decided to break up with me,” said Naomi.

“I never broke up with you, I just took a break because we weren’t doing so well as a couple,” said Ricky.

This is when Ricky’s heart shattered into pieces. Naomi was the love of his life. He loved her so much and he respected her.

Naomi would always try to manipulate Ricky in many ways, but he was too in love with her to the point where he didn’t even realize. He would do anything to please her and keep her happy. The couple had gotten back together thinking that everything was going perfectly well.

Naomi ended up telling Ricky the full truth.

“Ricky, we need to talk,” said Naomi

“About what?’ said Ricky

“The whole truth—- I slept with Austin again…it just happened I am so sorry.,” said Naomi.

Ricky stayed in pure silence and just left. He had the same feeling he had last time when Naomi cheated on him. At this moment he realized that he would have to stay to himself.

Ricky and Naomi finally broke up and he spent many days thinking about his next step.

Ricky decided that he would stick to himself and that he will never fall in love with a girl again so quick. He got a job and he was focusing on himself.