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Warning: This movie contains sensitive topics. This article also contains spoilers.

A scene from the movie.

A scene from the movie.

Adjo Adjegan, Reporter

The man’s attire is filthy; his once white robe has turned a shade of grey; he has a fresh bruise just below his left eye and is smiling madly with a few teeth missing as he pedals away on an old, rusty bicycle with a young girl who happens to be immortal.

As the man pedals away, he no longer has a job, no money or worthy possessions, but simply smiles. A big, wide toothy smile that makes him out as a maniac. The audience witnesses this as the movie comes to its ending point.

¨A Cure for Wellness¨ is a visually pleasing work of art that beautifully captures great ideas about having a career and just generally about life, through its twisted plot and symbolism.

As for iSchool sophomore, Jennifer Morales she finds the movie ¨quite enjoyable minus a few explicit things.¨ She finds that ¨the transitions between each scene flows well, and the film is overall well laid out.¨

Directed by Gore Verbinski, ¨A Cure for Wellness¨ is categorized as a drama/fantasy film. While it is just fantasy it is quite dark, it has a particularly odd plot that leaves the audience on edge and consistently wondering. This is quite evident as the opening scene depicts a businessman working at the office, which is dim lighted, and void of the presence of others because the man is alone in the office, and it is quite clear that he’s working late. The man abruptly gets up from his desk to grab a drink of water, and as soon as he does so, he faints, and the viewers later learns that the man died of a heart attack.

The audience is given no important information about this man, no name and his importance to the film. Verbinski does this purposefully to reveal that no matter one’s social status or wealth, if one constantly worries themselves with work, it can have negative consequences. One of them may simply be missing valuable time with loved ones, but Verbinski goes to the extreme and depicts death as one of those numerous consequences.

As the movie progresses, the following scene is one that is particularly eye-catching. The audience is shown a train that beautifully reflects its surrounding environment. The environment is filled with beautiful tall trees that look almost completely untouched by man; this scene is one that is absolutely gorgeous.

¨That was absolutely one of my most favorite scenes, it was stunning, and honestly the scenes were just visually pleasing,¨ states sophomore, Maya Hing.

When one digs deeper into the film, it illustrates the journey of a young businessman, Lockhart. Not much is known about his character at first, but the film often flashes back to a particular scene in which a young boy is sitting in a car and looking out the car´s window. The film flashes back to this scene numerous times until it uncovers the whole scenario, which is of the same boy staring back at his father, standing on a ledge of a bridge, the father turns and looks at his son one last time, and the scene flashes back to Lockhart.

Once again Verbinski brings about an important issue that gravely impacts society, suicide. It is later learned that Lockhart´s father overworked himself so much to the point that as the company came crumbling down the blame was pinned on him, and the only escape he found was suicide.

Lockhart is so young while witnessing his father´s death, and he is unable to handle the pressure of his father’s death.

Backtracking to the train scene, Lockhart is sitting in that very train and is heading to a resort in order to obtain a signature from the CEO of the company his is employed by. He is solely driven by his career, and thinks that he´s free to leave as soon as he gets the job done.

However, his sanity is put to the test and more secrets are uncovered as the movie progresses.

¨A Cure for Wellness¨ is truly a brilliant work of art, but many critics argue otherwise.

iSchool sophomore, Micah Gomez, states that ¨while some may enjoy the movie, I´m just not a big fan of it, it’s really weird.¨

¨It drags on for too long, but I mean if two hours movies are your kind of thing then I mean go for it,¨ says another iSchool sophomore, Arianna Pacheco.

Considering the fact that the film is precisely two hours and sixteen minutes, many viewers tend to complain about how long and tedious the movie actually is, and some simply consider it as being  ¨really weird,¨ as mentioned by Gomez .

Throughout the entirety of the film, Verbinski gives small clues in order for the audience to figure out the mystery that the resort owner holds, but some believe that there was just too much.

¨There’s just so many small clues that are scattered throughout the movie and, it could have ended much earlier if some of those clues were removed… it seems that it (the clues) was over-exhausted throughout the film,¨ reveals Pacheco.

While some are opposed to the movie because of various reasons, it is a movie others and myself would recommend watching.

As I´ve slightly touched upon before, ¨A Cure for Wellness¨ is a fantastic work of art that immediately catches eye. Verbinski does an amazing job of integrating real life issues into the movie, and transforms it into a stunning work of art. Each scene is clean, sharp, and instantly transports the audience into a new dimension. Overall, it is a film I would most definitely recommend watching.

It combines the real world with realistic ideas, which transforms into this amazing movie.

The film is beautifully thought out, and it will have you on the edge of your seat trying to find the cure to an unknown sickness.