Safety comes first


Border Patrol Agents apprehending migrants who crossed over.

Romello Hemphill

Back in 2016 when President Donald Trump was running against Hillary Clinton, he said “BUILD THAT WALL,” and used it as his slogan. A lot of people took it in the way of that being racist and till this day blame Trump supporters or conservatives for agreeing with it but there is a lot more behind the so-called “racist rhetoric slogan.”

So far since Donald Trump’s presidency, we’ve seen a lot of change that’s happened and one ongoing issue is Building the wall at the Southern Border.

The NYC iSchool is known for having a lot of people who oppose the other side 100 percent, so here are some of their final thoughts.

Geometry teacher James Whittaker said, “ I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that we are talking about this and wasting time on some ancient wall that is going to separate our country and our country was found on bringing people in who are different.” He then said,“I think this is just smoking mirrors and a strategy to try to force his will upon the country and find some sort of way to find loopholes to get what he wants. I think that’s literally what he means and I think that people that are buying into that slogan have that same sort of feeling that they are more powerful than other people or that they have some sort of right more than other people, so yea it’s racist.”

But that wasn’t the only person who had something to say about the Southern Border. Ms. Strassler, who is the US History teacher mentioned, “ I don’t think there is a national emergency because form sources I looked at said that the number of immigrants coming across the border has gone down over the years, Obama was pretty tough on immigration.”

The border wall seems to be like Donald Trump’s dream where there this big wall and people cannot get through it without documentation so I guess his idea is if we have this physical   barrier it can keep out unwanted immigrants coming from across the border of Mexico.”

But it gets even better. English teacher Mr. Jones had a lot to say about our president and the US Border.. “ My thoughts on the Border Wall are that, anyone who thinks we require a border wall should know right now, the border wall is not going to in my mind make any problem better.” It seems that the majority of people don’t actually believe there is a crisis at the Border right now and believe that it is just a myth.

He even states that there isn’t a crisis at the Southern Border right now. “NO, I think that  is manufactured political propaganda. When Trump says build that wall I think that it is racist and xenophobic and dogmatic and a million other things.”

A lot of times people get fact and opinion confused. If you ask the majority of millennials today, you would see that a majority of them are against Trump for what he stands for while some want to hear him out and see if there will be any change.

Ms-13 gang members use the border as an entrance key to exploit and bring in drugs, guns, and other bad things that destroy great communities. “ Gangs like MS-13 use our weak borders to gain entry into the country and target unaccompanied minors for recruitment.300 Americans die every week from heroin and 90 percent of all heroin originates from south of the border.”

If these issues are addressed and taken care of from both parties, then this country wouldn’t be so  divided up. There is plenty of evidence to show that there is a crisis at the Southern Border.  US Customs and Border protection data shows that the number of illegal aliens crossing over each year is increasing by a lot drastically and this has been happening  since the start of the fiscal year. Since December 2018, about 50,749 people were apprehended, in January the number fluctuated down to 47,986, in February it went back up to 66,540 migrants captured and around 200,000 migrants were captured in March.

Border patrol agents have the toughest jobs along with law enforcement in general and at the border, their job is to help those in need of help. They provide medical assistance and take care of the children there until further notice, but when you have thousands of migrants crossing over almost every day, that makes the job ten times harder than it already is.

There are approximately 19,555 Border Patrol agents and they only make a salary of $44,000 each year, which isn’t a lot, but they should be getting the full respect and courage they deserve especially since they’re putting themselves on the line to make sure we American citizens are safe.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said, “ Real action is needed now. Our immigration facilities are out of capacity, and we cannot sacrifice our border security duties while responding to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.”

When you lock your doors at night, it’s not because you hate the people outside, you lock them because you want to feel safe and know who is coming in. That same concept goes with our border wall, we want people from different parts around the world to come over but we want the right people to come over, not the ones who are criminals.

“Democrats, working with Republicans in Congress, can fix the Asylum and other loopholes quickly. We have a major National Emergency at our Border. GET IT DONE NOW.” President Donald Trump.

We must all come together and realize that there’s a problem and many other problems that need to be addressed the proper way.