Time of day


I live in a 33 story apartment with a pretty nice view of Manhattan from my window. I took all of my photos from my room to show the time of day at different times. I wanted to show the beauty of the sky, even though it is in one particular spot. This can show you that beauty is surrounding you even when you don’t think it is at times.

Groovy Moody- The cloudy sky on the night of the first day of spring. They hang over highly above the buildings, a very cool night of 45 degrees. The sound of cars passing by, and the loud stereo playing of the neighbors. A peaceful night.

Sleepy Wednesday- The early rise of the sun just barely makes its way over the tall buildings. All the city lights are still on, but as the sun continues to rise; the day awaits us.

Dull Night- This is another photo from my apartment. The sun has been setting and the city lights have all turned on. The wind was very cold when taking this photo but it adds to the effect of the sky.

Calm Blue- A pretty calm morning, no clouds in the sky and it was pretty quiet. The cars were loud especially near the parking lot (bottom left corner). My neighbors dog was barking really loudly though.

Noisy winds-This is the same day as the last photo. You can see the pink towards the middle peeking through. It was very windy but it was cool wind. It was a very loud night though.

Foggy Froggy- In this photo it was raining lightly which explains the fog. In this photo my neighbors were playing Romeo on full blast, and the dog was barking again. Definitely not the most peaceful night.  

Pretty Boring- It was very warm outside,  so I took a photo of a very brightless sunny day. You don’t see much color, and you can see a shadow of Manhattan in the back. No one was making any noises, so it was suspiciously quiet.

Bipolar Spring- Another rainy day in our bipolar spring journey. This photo was taken right before midnight. It might just be the last photo anyone has taken of the day. Pretty special right?

Another Pretty Boring- It is yet again another lifeless yet bright day. I think the mood of this photo is pretty self explanatory :/

Wowzer- This photo right here I took very quickly. The clouds were moving really quickly and this was one of the most cloudy yet pretty days I have seen in a while. The hit of dark blue behind the biggest cloud and then it transitions to light is just so mesmerizing.

Transitions April Fools- All the photos below have been taken all in the same day. I thought to end it off, I would show the different times of day in one day. This first one is at 5:26. The guys were playing football in the football field below.

The second one was taken at 6:54. My neighbor on the floor below me asked me why I was taking pictures and I told her because why not?

The third one was taken at 7:35. I heard a live band playing downstairs from my room, I took this photo to commemorate those talented singers.

The final photo I took 8:00. It was really cold outside, so I wanted to show one last picture of the night time. Especially in this photo you can clearly see Manhattans lights in the very back.