“On My Block:” Yay or nay?

“On My Block:” Yay or nay?

Lila Borges

2018’s hit show  “On My Block” has taken over as Netflix’s most watched show in that year.  From Season 1, many fans have been obsessed with the characters and their relation to them. We have seen a generous amount of support for the show since the beginning.

It has only been a year since its first season, and we have seen a bunch of hype around it. It’s starring the main characters who portray 14-year-old kids has high compatibility with Netflix’s major fan base, teenagers. So I decided to watch both seasons of the show to see if the hype of the first season could compare to the second.

I have noticed increasing support for the show, especially since the last episode of Season 1 and everyone was in shock of the unexpected turn of events. The show has been talked about ever since its release, and after watching season 2 I have noticed the same eye-catching visuals and plot.

Alliyah Logan, an 11th grade iSchool student, loves this show so much, “because I’m not used to seeing black people laugh and have friendly conversations in shows.”

Typically many shows fail to represent the black culture and mostly underrepresented minorities. This show brings a fresh vibe and new perspective in terms of representing people of color. Making it so culturally inclusive, it brings in many people who can relate to the situations in which the characters face.

I noticed the importance of Black and Hispanic culture throughout both seasons, and it brings in new ideas and realistic scenarios to light. It shows how people like these kids deal with these situations, and we need to recognize them.

Everyone does not have the same opinion about the show like Logan does.

A student from the iSchool, Dustin Brito, decided to give his opinions and thoughts on the show: “I felt like the season was basically just rushed and only continued because it was in high demand.” Brito does not seem to be the only one who believes this.

Matt Zoller Seitz, a reporter from The Vulture, says,  “On My Block takes about three episodes to find itself, but once it settles in, it’s on rails, heading toward a carefully prepared finale. After a while, you start to laugh in anticipation of what you already know certain characters are going to say.”

Shows like these take time to fully understand the deeper meaning. Typically it takes a while to get really invested to shows like “On My Block”, it tries to please a wide variety of audiences. It gives you a bit of everything romance, drama, mystery, suspense.

Many viewers believe the show went off topic at some points like when Amber and Mario were introduced, it was like filler episodes. This upset fans because they could have used that time for something more related to the plot. While watching the show I definitely noticed it could go off topic at times.

I realized that many shows like this one do the same thing. They tend to do filler episodes because they may run out of ideas, and it’s kind of clear in this season in particular. It is difficult to entertain different people in the same way, which is why the show was able to stably keep its high place as one of the best Netflix shows.

Logan  also mentioned, “ On my block gives me hope that youth all around the nation will no longer feel like a supporting character in a white life.” Not only very interestingly worded, but this is one of the many reasons fans became supportive of this show.

It brings hope to people who don’t face the stereotypical house and backyard life. That they don’t have problems surrounding their everyday life. This shows to keep it real and authentic, and after watching both seasons it was consistent with that.

The message of family and friendship never faded, and the idea of sticking together through hard times has brought aspiration to thousands around the world.

We were definitely left on a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2 in which they all get kidnapped. Expect another season heading our way in 2020.

Netflix has continued to hold its influence as an active global phenomenon. Everyone has been binge-watching Netflix originals and talking about the shows they have watched.

Shows like “Big mouth”, “Umbrella Academy”, and “Orange is the New Black” has taken over thousands of other popular shows. According to TheWrap, “37.1 percent of all data sent to people logging into non-mobile connections.” It has become a major streaming platform and goes to app for all the latest shows.

Currently, Netflix has 139 million paid subscribers  and this number continues to increase. Even today, a share is worth 339, and the company has a value for 147 billion. Netflix has a worldwide platform that allows many to stream shows and movies that they enjoy, having over 15400 titles across the globe.

An anonymous student at the iSchool stated, “Netflix has become such an influential and popular social network. So many people watch shows on Netflix, and I see everyone talking about Netflix originals. Least to say it has had a really big impact on people.”

Netflix’s net worth has grown from 2.2 billion in September of 2017 to 3.6 billion in May 2018. This is the largest growth Netflix has ever had in history, making it one of the most profiting streaming platforms.