The answer to your problems

Jane Smith

Do you need a good spot to practice the occult? Hang out with friends? Mourn the death of your third husband? Or live out your fantasy of being six feet under? Well I’ve got your back, a cemetery is an amazing place to do all of the above and more! So I’ve graciously provided you with comprehensive account of four amazing cemeteries that are just a train ride away from the iSchool.

New York Marble Cemetery

41 1/2 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 You can take the M21 bus, the six train, or walk . all options range from 18-22 minutes.
New York City’s first non-sectarian burial Place, only open Sundays from 12-4pm.
I wish I could recommend every cemetery close to the iSchool, but the odd hours and high fences  of the NYC marble cemetery’s seem to be keeping something inside — rather than keeping people out. If  you do find yourself within the borders of this cemetery — proceed with caution!


First Sheathe Israel Graveyard, Chatham Square Cemetery

5 – 57 St James Pl, New York, NY 10038 , you can take the C and A trains, but both the trains and walking there clock in around 21 minutes.
he only remaining 17th century structure in Manhattan, this tiny Jewish cemetery belongs to a congregation of Spanish and Portuguese sephardic Jews that was started in 1624.
This cemetery is the easiest walk to from the iSchool — and it’s the perfect hang out spot! With a plethora of great food options nearby and a tiny park just outside the cemetery it has never been easier to have a heck of a time while communing with the dead.


Saint Paul’s Churchyard

209 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, you can take the C, E, or M55 — all of them take less than 15 minutes. Walking takes just a little over 20 minutes.
The oldest surviving  church in Manhattan.
This cemetery is especially great for practicing the occult! connected to a  very old church (so you know it has weird mystical energy), and surrounded by the hustle and bustle of NYC (a location that makes  havoc much easier to wreak) — if you are looking for a great spot to practice magic, This is definitely the place.  


Green-Wood Cemetery

The farthest cemetery from the iSchool, you can take the C to the R, or the R all the way both options take around 40 minutes.
500 25th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Green-Wood cemetery is 478 acres, and one of the most beautiful places in all of NYC.
It’s also a permanent  residence  to such notable as Boss Tweed and Leonard Bernstein.
Added bonus, if you are under suspicion for the murder of your most recent husband — greenwood cemetery still holds burials and would be a great place to show the press that you are  mourning his ‘sorrowful’ death.