Teenage Plans and Weekend Plans, the New Generation


Maxim Van Dorn, Journalist

With technology taking over in the new generation of teens, it seems that all kids are on their phones all the time. With this new generation comes less activities outside, less kids in the parks, less talking. This new generation seems to be on their phones all the time, but what do they do during the weekend? Where do they go?

The number of things kids could do but don’t during the weekend is growing, and  the list of things to do during the weekend grows by the minute, but kids don’t do half of what they could be doing.

Kids and teens both try to end their weeks on Fridays relaxing or hanging out with friends. They “try to catch up on sleep,” states Your Teen Mag. Teens try to make their weekends “Productful,” and work on homework and other things, fridays are the main days that Teens try to hang out and have fun, maybe “Going to a school game,” or a movie.

Grown ups and teens both may have homework, or work plans, but that’s “not a excuse to go outside and enjoy” life in Manhattan, states Time Out. Listing things to do during the summer and things to do during summer, such as going to Pillow Fight Day on April 6.

Kevin Kairouz is a freshman in the NYC iSchool. He is athletic and spends a lot of his time in the gym and the YMCA. He likes hanging out with his friends and spending time with his family at anytime. He enjoys playing basketball and is “devoted to the sport.”

Kevin spends a lot of his weekend time “working out in the gym” and “having fun at home,” Spending time outside is something Kevin “enjoys,” and is “grateful for.” Kevin really enjoys staying outside with his friends and walking around.

Kevin also enjoys his time with his family, he gets to, “connect,” and “catch up.” Kevin likes to produce beats and makes music on his free time at home, he really enjoys being able to “express,” his feelings “in the form of music.”

But with an Xbox in the house he can’t “resist,” spending some time on it playing his favorite games, such as “Madden and NBA2K.” He plays with his friends online and considers it a “Easier way to talk with each other,” because you don’t have to get up and go out.

Maia Turman Cooke is also a freshman going to the NYC iSchool who likes hanging out with her friends and getting her homework done. She works on her homework when she gets home to get it out of her way. She enjoys school and seeing her friends in the morning.

She spends her weekends working on class work and chills with her friends. “I love my friends, and I love seeing them anytime,” states Maia. She spends lots of her time at home or out doing things with her parents such as “shopping for clothes” or “soccer practice.”

She likes texting her friends at home and browsing through the internet and “seeing what’s happening” throughout the world. When she’s not around her friends, she stills keeps in touch by texting them using different social media apps, such as “Instagram, and Snapchat.”

Roxana Boitel is another freshman who goes to and enjoys the NYC iSchool. Roxana likes talking to her friends about things that are going on in the world and things happening at the iSchool. She texts her friends and family to stay in touch when outside.

Roxana likes her school and likes the classes within it. She likes spending her time “mainly with my friends” or family. Over the weekend she doesn’t do much by stay at home work on her homework. Saying “It’s hard to go outside when there’s homework and other things to deal with.”

Marija Willen is a mother of two children, who both attend school, one in the iSchool. She likes doing activities with them during the weekends such as going to the museum or the park. She supports the children with going outside with other friends but makes “sure that their homework is finished,”

Marija likes making arrangements with her children so that they enjoy their weekend and “don’t stay inside the whole time,” Marija wants her children to go outside for a while during the weekend to get “some fresh air,” either at “at the park,” or just “walking around.”

Marija also enjoys resting at home and catching up with her family “at dinners.” Marija also enjoys having some time with her children, whether it’s shopping or cleaning up the house “it’s still nice time to have.”

There are so many different things to do during the weekend, and if you don’t have much work to do, maybe go outside somewhere, or hang out with some friends, there are many different ways of having fun in this city. Teens have so many opportunities to explore this city, with places like Botanical Garden showing “Singapore’s National Orchid Garden with vertical displays and bowing arches of orchids blooming in many colors.” states Newsday. Listing other things like going to see celebrities, or watch a Play on Broadway.

Teens have the chance to be more engaged with their parents and friends more than ever now. They have many opportunities that they can take advantage of, and should. Explore, have fun, be with your friends, it’s up to you, choose what you want to do.