The Iconic Food Stores of NYC

Maxim Van Dorn, Journalist

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There are many different iconic restaurants around the city, and many of them are recognizable but some of them are not as much. Each restaurant, deli, or hotdog stand has different features that make them the number one spot. Whether it’s the location, size, or design of the shop, every store is different in many ways. The city has much to offer and these places are just some of them.


Gray’s Papaya is a very nice hot dog place to eat at on 72nd street right outside the 72nd street 1,2, and 3 train station. This store has nice interior design and a nice iconic New York City deli.


Gray’s does not offer a great amount of choices but the food there is great. They have hot dogs.5


The Flores Deli on Deer Park Avenue is a very good deli in NYC; it has many visitors on a daily basis.


The Flores Deli offers a wide variety of foods and suppliers to its buyers.


Many different types of sandwiches are made here, some of which are NYC’s favorite like the NYC Philly Cheesesteak.


The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, a very popular restaurant that is usually full, and hard to make reservations for, offers very good food and is main spot for a fancy dinner or lunch.


Lots of horse drawn carriages go around the park, passing by The Boathouse, located in Central Park, on The Lake.


The menu is not extensive, but the food is amazing quality; eating here makes one feel very elegant.


Starbucks around NYC are popping up everywhere, mainly because they have great coffee, they are located all around the city and the world. This is located on the corner of Spring St. and Varick.


Starbucks around NYC offer a large number foods and beverages, and it is considered to be very good and neat.

Also, Starbucks offers a large variety of coffees one could buy at any store, which can help one wake up in the morning or the afternoon.


The Tavern on the Green is a very fancy restaurant in Central Park, located right next to 67th Street,


It usually has a long wait time to sit down, but once you do, you’ll enjoy your time. This restaurant is one of the only ones in Central Park.


The Fruances Tavern is the oldest restaurant in NYC, in which George Washington made a speech to his soldiers before the battle.


Shake Shack on 71st Street is also a very popular restaurant with very good food, and usually a very long line. Shake Shack are around the city and the nation.