“Ruff” day? This will make you “aww”

Jackelin Vargas, Copy Editor

In New York City, there are lots of little, fluffy, tail wagging, adorable animals, and they are…DOGS! Many people like walking their dogs during their free time, especially in parks so their dogs can meet other dogs. Here are some adorable dogs that will make you “aw”:

In Central Park, you will find many people walking their dogs; they could be on their leash, or loose playing “fetch” with their owners.


Dogs can be found in many different places, they are very playful and energetic. One iSchool student took their dog with them to play in the snow!


This dog here is Havanese dog; they are pretty small dogs that have long fur. They are a sensitive breed and easy to train as long as you train them nicely.


This tiny dog is a Pomeranian. Pomeranians are adorable, but you’ll definitely want to train them when they are puppies, especially teaching them how to walk on leash or making them learn their name.


When your in Central Park you will definitely see a certain dog breed more than once. The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dog was seen twice.


This dog breed is pretty easy to train – they are outgoing and friendly, which might explain why this dog was very photogenic.


This dog is a Golden Doodle according to its owner.. The dog is a mixture of a golden retriever and a poodle. This dog had curly soft hair and was really shy, and super cute. She looked friendly considering that the owner had a little baby, and usually golden retrievers are really kid friendly.


This dog was a little bigger compared to the other ones, but she was also friendly, but sadly the owner did not know what type of breed she was.


This is a happy Siberian Husky; they are very popular to be seen pulling sleds in Alaska. These dogs are very friendly but may be a little stubborn to train. I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure this dog was trained to smile, it’s just a happy dog!


This dog is tiny, fluffy, and SUPER cute! It looks like a little teddy bear. This little, cheerful puppy is a mixture of a havanese poodle.


This dog was also a mixture – it’s a Cockapoo, it’s a mixture of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. These dogs are very friendly and easy to train and are intelligent. The owner of this dog told me that she was a baby, and she was very friendly.


This dog is baby poodle; they are very friendly with children and they have soft, silky curly hair.
This dog is owned by an iSchool student; she is a mixture of a Jack Russell Terrier and Basenji. Jack Russells are very friendly. They are pretty easy to train, and they are very energetic.
This dog is also owned by an iSchool student. She is a Brittany Spaniel, and the breed is smart, playful and fun. They are very easy to train.
This is a miniature poodle, the only reason it might look a little different compared to the others is because the sides of the dog is shared.


This dog was SKATING! It’s owner had a leash on the skateboard and was pulling his dog, that’s one PAW-some dog!

Hopefully, this article made you “aww” more than ever, If you weren’t a dog person before you might be now…