NYC skyline

Charlotte Haggerty

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As New Yorkers, we have the benefit of waking up every morning to the beautiful New York City skyline.  On our way to school in the morning, we get to see the beautiful warm-toned sunrise, the bright blue afternoon sky when we go out for lunch, and coming home we get a glimpse of the gorgeous deep blue sky. Through all seasons of the year the New York sky changes and evolves with us.

Photo taken on 8th street and 8th avenue just after sunrise.

Photo taken on 8th street and 8th avenue just after sunrise.

Photo taken in the early morning by 8th Street and Prospect Park.

Photo taken of a beautiful clear blue sky on 8th Street and 8th Avenue in the early afternoon.

Photo taken in front of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) building at midday.

Photo taken of the early afternoon soho sky, out of the NYC iSchool iNews room.

Photo taken from the F and G line in between Smith and Ninth Street and Carroll Street of the Brooklyn sky.

Photo taken on the F and G line in between 4th Ave and Smith Street Station, of the late afternoon Brooklyn sky.

Photo taken of the stunning fall trees by 8th street and prospect park taken around midday.

Photo taken out of a window in Manhattan, on a stormy NYC day.

Photo taken of the empire state building out of a window in manhattan on a rainy afternoon.

Photo taken of a late afternoon sky on 72 and broadway.

Photo taken of a cloudy afternoon sky on 72 Street.

Photo taken of the charming sunset on 8th street and 8th avenue.

Photo taken off of a balcony in downtown Brooklyn of the gorgeous sunset.