Neon lights

Mia Davis

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, I took a trip to Bowlmor Lanes with my mentoring group to go bowling. After a great time bowling with some friends, we stopped at the arcade.  It was a colorful trip filled with neon lights, flashing in every direction and lots of laughs. It was nostalgic and I could feel the childlike energy in the room. Teen or adult, your inner child  is sure to shine through these series of photos.



The first thing that greets you on your way inside the arcade. The bright lights and vintage lettering gives off this sort of nostalgia.

A friendly competition in air hockey or playing your pal in Connect 4; the arcade has everything any young heart desires.

The arcade is the one place you’re bound to catch kids and teens taking on gambling. As the adrenaline rushes through their bones, anticipating that big win!

All smiles while attempting the claw drop. Win a grand prize! (She ending up losing)

Whether you like football or basketball, the arcade at Bowlmor has it all! And with the bright, pastel lights, a light-hearted competition is bound to take place with friends. Here is a fellow mentee, a member of my program, taking on the football game.

Milan is tempted once again to win a prize. The blue light adds to the intensity – will she get a prize or will she once again fail?


Throwback! Space Invaders, a game popular in the late ‘70s early ‘80s, is brand new and for the upcoming generation.

However, the arcade isn’t just for kids and teens – adults can have fun too! Here’s a group of friends racing against one another in the all time favorite Mario Kart.

Clowning around at the arcade. Knock ‘em out or walk through them.